Fritzbox 7590 AX, 7590 & 7530: New laboratory brings exciting improvements

AVM has provided new laboratory versions with exciting improvements for three Fritzbox models.

For the

Fritz box 7590 AX

(Lab 07.39-96347),


(laboratory 07.39-96346) and


(Laboratory 07.39-96345) new laboratory versions of Fritz OS 7.39 are available for installation.

You can download the laboratory version suitable for your Fritzbox here. There you will also find instructions for the installation. AVM is also particularly pleased to receive your feedback, which you can give using this online form.

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You can read the complete changelog for the new laboratory version on this page.
The laboratory versions 7.39-96346/96347/96345 specifically bring these innovations and improvements:

  • Internet:

    Improvement – no publication of the IPv4 address to Myritznet on dual-stack connections with carrier-grade NAT; The Myfritz address is always resolved to the IPv6 address


    Improvement – new message under “System / Events” if a new session key was negotiated (connections according to WPA3/SAE standard)

  • home network:

    Improvement – Detail pages of network devices have been revised

Improvements in Fritz OS 7.39-96346/96347/96345 within the Fritzlabor:



  • Fixed – It is again possible to set the WLAN transmission power for the public WLAN guest access

  • Fixed – “WLAN / Radio Channel” page was not fully displayed with Safari on macOS/iOS/iPadOS


home network:

smart home:

  • Improvement – Google calendar setting can be updated via a button

  • Improvement – Routines can be activated and deactivated via templates


  • Fixed – Erroneously sent change note for additional confirmation option has been removed

  • Improvement – when calling up the link to the laboratory feedback, the Fritz OS version is also transmitted

Important NOTE:

Laboratory versions of Fritz OS are only intended for experimental Fritzbox owners who know what they are doing. Laboratory versions should not be installed on Fritz boxes that are intended for productive use, for example in the home office. AVM gives neither support nor guarantee for laboratory versions. If you want to be on the safe side with your Fritzbox, then you should only install the final Fritz OS versions on it. This shows you the Fritzbox for installation as soon as an update is available.

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