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The smart home of the Fritzbox is getting bigger: With new devices, AVM is expanding the possibilities of controlling the apartment via the WLAN router. The update to Fritz OS 7.20 and 7.21 brings additional functions. There is also a special app from AVM with which you can keep an overview of the processes in the smart home and adjust them using your smartphone.

That’s why in this article we explain what’s new from AVM and how you can use the latest smart home products together with a Fritzbox. However, because important products are missing from AVM’s Smart Home range, we also find devices from other manufacturers that are compatible with the AVM router. This offers numerous options for making devices in the smart home react to one another so that electricity, light and heating automatically interact in a meaningful way: Of course, we also provide tips on how to set the Fritzbox appropriately.

New smart home products for the Fritzbox

The Fritzbox opens up a lot of space for a large smart home: You can connect up to six DECT telephones, twelve radiator controls, ten switchable sockets, ten LED lamps and ten buttons to the router at the same time.


Fritz-Dect 500
is the first smart lamp in the AVM range: It shines in white or in color, its brightness can be continuously adjusted. Like other smart home products that are compatible with a Fritzbox, it also uses the DECT-ULE radio standard: The Fritzbox uses this to send the control commands to the lamp and the other smart home devices that are connected to it. To use the lamp, at least Fritz-OS 7.20 or a laboratory version of Fritz-OS 7.19 must be installed on your Fritzbox. Even with the corresponding Fritz OS version, the

Fritzbox models 7560

Do not use with the smart lamp, because your DECT hardware does not support the necessary HAN-FUN protocol.

The wall switch is also new to the smart home range

Fritz-Dect 440
. Unlike the Dect 400, it offers four buttons and an e-paper display. You can use the buttons to trigger actions in the smart home immediately by pressing a button, instead of using the app or the Fritzbox menu: You not only switch individual devices on or off, but also start defined scenarios in which various smart home components react to each other. The 440 also serves as a sensor for the thermostat

Dect 301
, which then regulates the heating according to the temperature at the location of the wall switch. You can see the current temperature directly on the display.

The most popular smart home products from AVM are switchable sockets

Dect 200
for interiors as well

Dect 210
for outside. This allows you to switch connected devices according to the time specified, depending on the temperature or power consumption. They can also be used as temperature sensors for the Dect 301.


Smart Home – self-made atmospheric light

Current smart home products from AVM


Intended use

Current price

Fritz-Dect 500

Led lamp

30 euro

Fritz-Dect 440

Quadruple wall switch

60 euro

Fritz-Dect 400

Wall switch

30 euro

Fritz-Dect 301

Radiator controller

45 euros

Fritz-Dect 210

Switch socket for outside

45 euros

Fritz-Dect 200

Switch socket

45 euros


These products from other manufacturers work with the Fritzbox


The new lamp Dect 500 and the wall switch Dect 440 work together with a suitable Fritz box from Fritz OS 7.20.

The range of products for smart home at AVM is not particularly large. In contrast to other providers, you cannot meet every requirement of an automatic house control with this: For example, there are no motion detectors and door-window contacts. If you use these together with smart home sockets, for example, devices switch on or off automatically when you come home or enter a room or open the window. You can also not get an alarm siren, sensors for water and humidity, the control for roller shutters and flush-mounted versions for sockets and switches from AVM.

However, you can still control some devices from these categories with the Fritzbox, as they also use the DECT-ULE smart home standard. These are components from Telekom’s Magenta Smart Home range – all compatible devices approved by AVM can be found in the table below. The motion detector and the door-window contact, for which there is no alternative from AVM, unlike telecom lamps and adapter plugs, are of particular interest here. Soon, too

Roller shutter drives from Becker
to be added.

Make sure, however, to select exactly the products from the table: Telekom also offers door / window contacts and adapter plugs that are not compatible with the Fritzbox, for example because they only use the Homematic radio standard: You can recognize these by the designation ” Homematic ”or the manufacturer eQ-3.

Connect smart home devices to the Fritzbox

Selected smart home devices with DECT-ULE from other providers are compatible with the Fritzbox - for example the motion detector from Telekom.


Selected smart home devices with DECT-ULE from other providers are compatible with the Fritzbox – for example the motion detector from Telekom.

All smart home devices connect to the Fritzbox via DECT: You register them either by pressing a button or via the router menu. For the sockets, press the DECT button on the housing until the corresponding LED starts to flash. Then press the DECT or Fon / DECT button on the Fritzbox within two minutes until the DECT or info LED lights up there too. If the LED on the socket stays on continuously, it is connected to the Fritzbox.

In the Fritzbox menu, complete the registration under “Smart Home -› Device management – ›Register device”. Then press the DECT button on the socket until the LED flashes.

For the DECT 440 wall switch, please press the small menu button below for registration mode and then the DECT button on the Fritzbox for at least six seconds. You can see on the display of the button whether the connection has been established. Press and hold the small button with a radio symbol on top of the housing to put the Dect 400 into registration mode: The LED flashes orange. Then the DECT button on the Fritzbox is used again. When the LED on the Dect 400 goes out, the connection is active.

To register, screw the Dect 500 into an E27 socket and switch on the light. If the lamp lights up red, it is ready for registration and you press the DECT button on the Fritzbox for six seconds. In white light it is connected.

Instructions for registration can be found on the display of the DECT 301: First remove the battery foil on the back and then press the DECT button on the Fritzbox for six seconds. The connection is now established and you can mount the thermostat on the radiator.

In the case of devices from third-party suppliers, you can read in their manual how to start the registration mode – for example by inserting the batteries or pressing a button. Now start the connection with the DECT button or the Fritzbox menu.

Manage and update smart home devices

The Fritzbox menu gives you detailed information on all connected DECT-ULE devices - for example, whether there is new firmware or how the battery charge status is.


The Fritzbox menu gives you detailed information on all connected DECT-ULE devices – for example, whether there is new firmware or what the battery charge status is.

If the smart home devices are connected, you can find them in the Fritzbox menu under “Smart Home -> Device Management”. The AVM devices appear there with their correct product names, devices from third-party providers as “HUN-FUN”. In order to see the most important devices immediately, you can change the order: In “Smart Home -› Device Management ”click on“ Change order ”at the bottom right. With the left mouse button pressed, drag an entry to the desired position to define the new order with “Done”. Under “Type” you will see the category such as “Socket” or “Lamp”. In order to better distinguish the devices, you can assign your own names by clicking on the edit symbol at the end of the line for the device in question. With “Status” you get information about the status, for example the charge level of the battery.

In the “Update” column you can see whether the device is working with the latest firmware (“Current version”). If this is not the case, click on the link “Perform update” or at the bottom on “Update devices”. You can find out the firmware version by clicking on the edit symbol. Third-party devices can be updated if the manufacturer provides firmware that the Fritzbox can use and import. However, this is often not the case, so that, for example, some Telekom components on the Fritzbox work with older versions than when operated with a Telekom smart home center.

With the help of the new Fritz Smart Home app, you can also control smart home devices via mobile phone, even outside the Fritzbox WLAN.


With the help of the new Fritz Smart Home app, you can also control smart home devices via mobile phone, even outside the Fritzbox WLAN.

If you buy a second-hand smart home component or would like to register it with a different Fritzbox, you should first reset it to the factory settings. To do this, you have to switch the Dect 500 lamp off and on again five times for two seconds each time: It then loads the factory settings and after 30 seconds indicates with a red light that it is ready for use again. For the DECT 200 and 210 sockets, press their DECT button three times in a row for at least six seconds. You can reset the Dect 400 by holding down the button with the radio symbol at the top and then pressing the switch in the housing until you hear a short double tone. With the Dect 440 and Dect 301, the respective display menu will help you with restoring: After calling up, an option for the reset appears.

Reading tip:

Ring – alarm system for smart home & new video doorbell

Practical tips: Everything just works automatically

The smart home is really fun when the various devices automatically react to each other: You can use an action, for example, to heat a room to a set temperature at a certain time or to switch the light on automatically as soon as you enter the apartment.

To do this, you link the individual smart home components with each other or combine them in groups. For example, you can link the Dect 400 wall switch with the Dect 500 lamp to conveniently switch it on and off. To do this, click under “Smart Home -› Device Management ”on the edit symbol of the Dect 400 and select the tab for the long or short button press at the top – depending on which action you want to trigger the lamp switching. In the corresponding menu, click on “Switch Smart Home Devices” on the Dect 500 and on “Switch” and confirm with “Apply”. Now the light goes on with one press of the button on the Dect 400 and goes off with the next press.

Proceed similarly if you want the lamp to turn on as soon as you enter a room. To do this, link the motion detector to the lamp, which you can also do via its edit symbol and the selection of the lamp under “Switch smart home devices”.

With the Dect 301 thermostat, it can make sense to have an external sensor record the temperature according to which it should be based. You can use the Dect 440 wall switch, for example: You can link it to the heating controller by clicking on the Dect 301’s edit symbol under “Smart Home -> Device Management” in the Fritzbox menu. Then mark the entry “Automatic offset adjustment using external temperature sensor” under “Temperature deviation (offset)” and select the Dect 440. Switchable sockets and lamps or radiator controls can be combined in a group. For example, if you have a socket to which the television is connected and the smart lamp is grouped in the living room, you can switch everything on with one command via the wall button, the app or the Fritzbox menu. You can also heat the entire apartment with one click if you define radiators in different rooms as a group.

You can create a group in the Fritzbox menu under “Smart Home -› Groups and templates – ›Create group”. First select the components for this by selecting a category and then selecting the individual devices via the drop-down menu. Then give the group a name, for example “living room”. The group is created with “Next”.

Now determine how you want to switch the group: With “Switch group automatically”, all members react to an event that you define in the next step, such as a certain time, sunrise and sunset (“Astronomical”) or according to dates that you set via the Google calendar (“calendar”). For heaters, ventilators or ventilators that are connected to a switch socket, switching depending on the temperature is recommended: To do this, specify in a schedule when a desired temperature should be reached (“normal temperature”) and when not heating (“reduced temperature “).

You also select a temperature sensor – such as a switch socket or a wall button – according to which the circuit is based. The switching status of a group can also be determined by a single device, the so-called “master”. For example, if you make the Dect 500 the master, you switch off all devices in this group, such as switch sockets, with the light. If the master device is part of a group, please select “Switch group via a smart home device” in the edit menu and select the master from the drop-down menu. If another device is to switch the group, proceed as described above for the linking of individual components: Under “Switch smart home devices”, however, now select the name of the group.



Magenta smart home motion detector

59 euros

Magenta smart home LED lamp E27 colored

29 euros

url link Magenta Smart Home LED lamp E27 warm white _blank

20 Euros

Magenta smart home door / window contact

39 euros

Magenta smart home wall switch

39 euros

Magenta smart home adapter plug inside

49 euros



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