From 1 March new energy label for household appliances: “Inform consumers better, stimulate producers more”

The current energy label has been around since the 1990s. But over the years, the devices have become more energy efficient. A used to be the most energy efficient, but thanks to the improvements in terms of consumption, there have always been added pluses over the years. We are now at A +++. This system is outdated and that is why a new label is now coming.

Better inform consumers

Energy Minister Tinne Van der Straeten explains the new energy labels in De Inspecteur. “The intention is that the new labels better inform the consumer. They are therefore more attuned to the daily life and needs of the consumer. For example, they indicate how much consumption is at 100 washes, which is very recognizable. for the consumer. The new label also takes into account the noise that the appliance makes. So comfort is also taken into account. The new label takes many more aspects into account. “

“On the other hand, it is also our intention with the new energy label to encourage producers to really work on energy-efficient appliances. Since the introduction of the previous label, appliances have become a lot more energy-friendly, we hope to achieve that again with this new label.”

Van der Straeten realizes that consumers can be confused about the new labels. He has gotten used to those many pluses and will be shocked when he suddenly sees a lot more D’s, E’s and F’s in the store. “Those devices are certainly energy-efficient, but could be improved. That is the challenge for the manufacturers”.

Not for all devices

The new labels will not yet be found on all devices. Only refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines, screens and televisions will receive the new and stricter energy label from next week.

Van der Straeten: “We are rolling out this new label immediately in all member states of the European Union, which is why it is a phased approach. First the devices we use the most, and all lamps will be added in September. have intended to give all household appliances a new label by 2030, although I personally hope that things can go faster. “

But how am I going to be able to distinguish the new and the old logo? “You can easily recognize the new energy label by the QR code in the top right corner. If you scan that code with your smartphone, you will also receive all the necessary information about the device. And of course there are always the salespeople who are trained and can give you all the necessary information. “

Eco vouchers?

You can pay for appliances that are energy efficient today with eco vouchers. But will you also be able to use your eco vouchers if the device you want to buy suddenly has an F or G label?

“At the moment there is no clarity about this yet,” says Van der Straeten. “The National Labor Council has to decide for which devices and labels you can use those eco vouchers. They are the consultative body in which these matters are specifically discussed. Those eco vouchers will be on the table of the National Labor Council next week and I hope that a decision will be taken. is taken “.


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