From 2,700 euros gross: These jobs are available in Tesla’s new gigafactory

An illustration shows what the Gigafabrik should look like by the planned opening in July 2021.

Construction work is in full swing on the Tesla property in Grünheide near Berlin in Brandenburg. If all goes well, production should start as early as July 2021 with up to 8,000 employees. Last week, company boss Elon Musk had his first job interviews with engineers. Tesla isn’t just looking for academics. Also career changers and long-term unemployed have chances of finding a job, says Jochem Freyer, head of the employment agency in Frankfurt (Oder). His employment office is responsible for the Gigafabrik and accompanies the company with the job advertisement.

In an interview with the “Berliner Zeitung” on Wednesday, agency boss Freyer answered a few questions about the new Tesla jobs. Here are the key points:

What jobs are there?

Tesla is primarily looking for employees in production, for example for the press shop, foundry, paint shop, assembly or quality control. In addition to production, there are also desk jobs. Administrative staff, HR and customer service staff would be needed, said Freyer. has taken a closer look at the almost 300 job advertisements currently on the website. More than half of them are in production. Apart from that, there are particularly many job offers for engineers and in administration.


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What qualifications do applicants need to have?

According to Freyer, Tesla is looking for executives with university degrees as well as normal employees. In general, the car maker is open to career changers. “In the simple segment, the company does not place great value on formal qualifications, but on motivation and the will to work there. This also gives unskilled and long-term unemployed people a chance, ”says Freyer.

Applicants should be able to work in a team and be able to work under pressure. In production, for example, a readiness for rolling shift work and Saturday work is required.

What is the salary at Tesla?

According to the employment agency boss, the starting wage at the lowest pay level, including shift allowance, is based on the average income in the state of Brandenburg. “That means that long-term unemployed people can find a job for 2700 euros a month. Where else can you get that? If you have completed relevant vocational training, it starts at around 3500 euros, ”says Freyer.

Where does Tesla recruit?

The employment agency is primarily looking for suitable candidates in Berlin and Brandenburg. Freyer assumes that at least four out of five employees will come from the region. In addition, one is in contact with employment offices in other federal states – “especially in regions where automobile manufacturers and their suppliers are currently struggling.” Freyer is alluding to the job cuts at numerous German car manufacturers, such as Daimler and BMW.

Freyer dismissed the reports that Tesla also wanted to hire employees from Poland. In his estimation, this is unlikely for two reasons. On the one hand, perfect German is also required of simple factory employees. On the other hand, Tesla wants fit and rested employees – that is not compatible with the long commute from Poland.

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