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From bare sitting area to stylish living room

Make TV cabinet

Thomas and Michelle have already tried to make something beautiful out of it by placing some cupboards. But they still think it looks a bit boring. Patrick is therefore going to make a TV cabinet for them, completely customized.

This time Patrick uses MDF. When he has cut everything to size, he assembles the cabinet with glue and screws. This material absorbs the glue well. Patrick has made the bottom of the cabinet extra sturdy because the bottom cabinet must also be able to support all the cabinets that come above it.

Patrick attaches adjustable feet to the bottom of the cabinet. A floor is (almost) never completely straight. You always see these legs in kitchens. This way Patrick will soon be able to adjust the cabinet.

Make a sofa

Patrick also makes a sofa that goes with the cupboard. For this he chooses thicker MDF, you obviously don’t want to sink through it. Making a sofa creates more space and there is enough space for the whole family to sit. Denise has upholstered the sofa all by herself.

Green on the wall!

There was a lot of white and gray in the living room, which made it quite chilly in the house. While Thomas and Michelle just wanted more atmosphere. That is why they chose to paint a white wall green. The color Soft Fern no.314 from LAB PAINT has been used here. This is the same green color as the cupboard in the dining area.

Because the wall now has a color, the white radiator is very noticeable. Denise has therefore chosen to blacken the radiator casing with Night Sky no.101 from LAB PAINT. For this she has used the same color black as the TV cabinet so that it becomes one whole.

Low budget gallery wall

Such a green wall is super nice. But still a bit bald. That is why Denise has also put up some lists. She bought the poster in the top left corner, but got the rest from magazines. A super nice low budget way to fill your photo frames. If you come across another nice image or photo while reading your favorite leaf, you can switch it just as easily!

Episode 58 was made possible in part by Vestingh


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