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From bare studio to luxurious loft

Arvid and Edion have bought a studio on the Amsterdam Zuidas. The apartment is not too big, 32 m² to be precise, but with a smart layout and beautiful furnishings, this can be a very nice place. Only the men still need some help with that. Handyman Thomas and stylist Gwen from Eigen Huis & Tuin lend a hand.

The studio Arvid and Edion bought is brand new and therefore completely empty, except for the bathroom and kitchen, which they have already installed. So it’s extra fun for Thomas and interior stylist Gwen, because they can start with a clean slate and create a living room and sleeping area here. Because yes, in a studio you don’t have a separate bedroom. So an interesting challenge!

The design

Since the men like sleek and black and white, Gwen has also taken this into account in her design. The toughness of black in combination with the spaciousness of white will ensure a sleek and minimalist interior. They may not be afraid that it might look chilly, because the many plants and the soft materials ensure that it is completely warm and personal.


Since the space is already completely empty, it is not necessary to demolish it once before Thomas can start. That is why he immediately starts laying the PVC floor. But not before he first installs a good underlay, because especially in an apartment complex you will soon experience contact noise.

Sleeping loft

The apartment may be small in size, but at the same time it is very high. And that offers opportunities to separate the living and sleeping areas from each other, despite the fact that it is located in the same room. Thomas has therefore made a sleeping loft above the seating area. With this he creates a nice 5 m² extra living space! In addition, the seating area is also a lot cozier.

The back wall behind the bed is completely “upholstered” with black-painted wooden slats, just like the paneling on the walls in the hallway.

Stairs, TV cabinet and storage cabinet in one

To get into the sleeping area there must of course be a small staircase. Obviously this will not be a simple step. Thomas went to work as usual and made a staircase, TV cabinet and storage cabinet in one.


Since the kitchen is very new, little has to be done about it. Only the back wall was missing. Hexagonal hexagon tiles have been placed here to complete the kitchen with a sleek, stylish touch. In black of course!

Steel doors

The low, white door to the corridor has been replaced by a high, black steel version with glass, so that the studio looks more spacious. The same type of steel room divider has also been placed, so that the seating and sleeping areas are still closed off from the kitchen, without looking boggy.

Laundry room

The laundry room is also fully equipped, including brand new washing machine and dryer. Since every inch in this small studio needs to be put to good use, there should of course be no obstacles in the way of laundry racks, laundry baskets and ironing boards, so Thomas has created handy storage areas and laundry racks for that.


It is up to Gwen to apply the finishing touch and to make the sleek space homely and cozy. By using a number of large objects, such as a round dining table and a large sofa, you create spaciousness, which is extra nice in such a small space. In addition, she has chosen furniture and accessories with organic and geometric shapes for a playful effect.

From bare studio to luxurious and modern loft

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