From DJ to parcel deliverer: ‘I miss the nightlife very much’

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday Lourens played in clubs and cafes under the name DJ Lourenz. And that for almost 25 years. “That all fell away in March. I was in the pit for a while.”

Not sitting at home

He soon decided not to give up. “You know that everything is closed and that it will take a longer time. You have to get your energy out of something again. And I really can’t sit at home.”

In the first week that his work as a DJ came to a standstill, he applied for a job at PostNL. “I thought it would be busy there, because people were ordering en masse. They immediately gave me a one-year contract.”

And now Lourens drives through Arnhem to deliver parcels. “This is of course also a job where you have the freedom and you meet people. And of course I also love music in my car”, says Lourens.

Formiliar face

The former DJ is a familiar face in Arnhem. Lourens is therefore regularly recognized during his work as a mail deliverer. “I played a lot in Arnhem and now I drive into a neighborhood where many people know me. Then the people at the door say: hey, shouldn’t you play?” he laughs.

He therefore gets a lot of nice reactions. “In the summer I have had many cups of coffee and drinks from people,” says Lourens. “I meet the people from the clubs and pubs again. You have a nice chat with them, you also have that in the nightlife. You chat now in your own neighborhood, instead of in the pub.”

Craving a shot

Yet Lourens misses the nightlife quite a bit. “When I drive the bus on Friday, I listen to SLAM and you can hear fellow DJs playing. Then I have goosebumps in the bus. Then I am so fed up that I cannot play that night”, he says. “Those are moments when you are confronted with the facts. I do crave beers and shots, just get really drunk once again.”

But if it were up to him, he will continue to do his job as a parcel deliverer in the future. “If everything is possible again, I want to combine it with my work as a DJ. But I sometimes see it quite gloomy for the hospitality industry, how that will all look like in the future …”


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