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From empty places to extra storage space: this way you get more out of your bedroom

1: Fill in sloping walls

Many bedrooms have one or more sloping walls. Where you would think it is wasted space, this place is perfect for extra cupboard space. Make the cabinet yourself or leave the customization to the professionals and you will be an eye-catcher richer.

2: Rearrange the furniture

Consult yourself, is the bedroom arranged as optimally as possible or is there still profit to be made? Move the furniture and who knows, extra space may become available for a (night) table.

3: Use the space around the bed

If your bed is against a wall, you can hang a wall shelf above your bed. This can even be a replacement for the bedside table. If you have the space, you can also move your bed slightly away from the wall, freeing up extra square footage to create storage space.

Or what about hanging old fruit boxes on a wall? Or place a narrow plank at the level of the paneling? Practical and clever in one.

4: Use the space under the bed

No monsters, but extra space. The empty space under the bed is perfect for storing things that you do not need 1, 2, 3. Out of sight.

Two caveats in advance. See the extra storage space under the bed as a solution if you cannot store things elsewhere in the house. What it is if you start working with baskets or boxes under the bed, it becomes more difficult to keep clean. This means that more dust can swirl around in the bedroom. Dust that you breathe in while you sleep. Of course, this in turn can also be prevented by thoroughly dusting the items under the bed with every cleaning, by buying a bed with internal storage space or by making your own wooden drawers under your bed.

In addition, according to Chinese philosophy, ‘rubbish’ under your bed is not feng shui. Namely, it would negatively affect the energy level.

Despite the above two points, you can sometimes not escape putting things away under the bed. Especially if you live small and have to make smart use of every square meter. A few perfect items for under the bed (or in the drawers if you have a bed with storage space):

  1. Lightweight stuff
    In order to regularly pass the vacuum cleaner under the bed, it is useful to store products that are not too heavy.
  2. Seasonal wear
    Consider, for example, winter sports clothing. Something you probably only need once a year. Ideal for storage.
  3. Seasonal duvet
    If you sleep under a different duvet in the warm seasons than in the cold seasons, you can also pack the duvet that you are not using dust-free and place it under the bed. The same applies to spare items and extra pillows and pillows.
  4. Suitcases
    Something you probably don’t need every month is your suitcase or travel bag. If you have a protective cover, put it in it along with other travel accessories (and your seasonal clothing). That way you keep everything together.
  5. Books
    Is your closet in the living room full of books that you don’t want to throw away, but are not going to read for the time being? Store them in a lockable basket and slide them under the bed.

By the way, is it not even time to take things that you still have not taken out from under the bed after six months or so to take them to the thrift store? Extra space and who knows an extra pocket money.

Just sleep on it!


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