From minimum wage to energy tax: this will change in your wallet in 2022

Work from home allowance

Take a good look at your boss. Because from January he can give his employees a tax-free allowance for working from home costs of two euros per day. May, it is not necessary. You have to work it out together. In addition, an untaxed commuter travel allowance will continue to exist (19 cents per kilometre), but you cannot receive it for the same day as the homework allowance.

Study costs

Are you studying for work or to get work that you have to pay for yourself? From 1 January you can no longer deduct these training costs from your tax. Instead, you can apply for a subsidy (STAP budget) from the UWV from March. STAP stands for Stimulation of the Labor Market Position. A maximum of one thousand euros per year per person is available.

State pension age is rising

We have to work longer. The state pension age will increase by 3 months to 66 years and 7 months. In 2021 that was still 66 years and 4 months. Singles of that age receive 1,244.35 euros to live on, couples 851.52 euros per person.

Rental house

Whether you are allowed to rent social housing depends on your income. That income limit is rising, so that people who cannot buy a house are less likely to fall between two stools. Anyone who earns less than EUR 44,196 per year together with his or her partner may rent from a housing association. If you do not have a partner, the limit remains at EUR 40,024.

And speaking of renting: we have even more good news. Rents are in any case frozen until July 1, so they will not go up on January 1.

Lower mortgage interest deduction

Do you have an income above 69,398 euros? Then you are the victim of this new rule. In 2022 you can still deduct the mortgage interest and other costs of the home at a maximum of 40 percent, previously it was 43 percent.

Less energy tax

Gas prices are sky-high and energy bills have risen sharply. That is why the government will lower the energy tax in 2022. The discount you get will go up from 560 euros to 825 euros, regardless of how much energy you use. Please note: because gas prices are rising so quickly, your energy bill can still rise.

Stamp price

Life becomes more expensive due to inflation, we cannot escape that. It is looking for bright spots, but we have found one. For the first time in ten years, the price of stamps does not rise. A stamp costs 0.96 cents, just like in 2021. According to PostNL, raising the rates is not necessary because we sent more cards and letters due to the corona crisis.

Tax-free gift

Everything for the young. You give your children the world, but if you want to give them your hard-earned euros you have to pay tax. Parents may donate a maximum of 5667 euros tax-free per child in 2022. In 2021 this was 6604 euros.

Minimum wage rises

The statutory minimum wage will increase by 24 euros from 1 January 2022 to 1725 euros per month (over 21 years). In July, the minimum wage also rose by 17 euros per month. Do not count yourself rich because the sky-high inflation will actually make you worse off.

Child benefits

The child benefit will increase on 1 January 2022. As always, how much you get will depend on the age of your child. From now on, parents of 12 to 17-year-olds will receive 329.56 euros per month. That is now 321.24 euros. And another windfall: the health care allowance also increases by four (single) to five euros per month (partner or family). But here too the following applies: inflation will probably make you worse off.

Subsidy pot for electric cars

The money ran out quickly in 2021, but the subsidy pot for the purchase of electric cars has now been filled again. The subsidy that you can get has decreased, from 4,000 euros in 2021 (catalogue value 12,000-45,000 euros) to 3,350 euros in 2022. For a second-hand car, you receive a subsidy of 2,000 euros. Please note: in 2023 the subsidy will decrease even further.


After 1 January you can no longer buy cigarettes in the catering industry, not at the bar or at a cigarette machine. The government wants to discourage smoking in this way. A small bright spot for smokers: the excise duty will not increase on 1 January

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