From Monday there will be free self-tests in pharmacies

According to the broadcast, Veitschegger assumed that “ideally” 500,000 people could initially be supplied with it. The pharmacies would be supplied successively. “Every citizen can therefore assume that they will receive a test kit – but only gradually,” emphasized Veitschegger.

Any e-card holder who is older than 15 years

Anyone who has an e-card and is older than 15 can purchase five self-tests for free at a pharmacy, according to the plan. The “nose pick tests” are easy to use and should be used when meeting someone else. Veitschegger asked “not to rush into the pharmacies on the first day”. Much more tests would be available in mid-March than at the start of the campaign.

Around three million individual tests are delivered to the pharmacies for the first week. This is very challenging in terms of time and organization, as the individual tests by the pharmacies in five-piece packages with explanatory information material still have to be prepared so that the tests can be passed on to people at all.

300,000 people go away empty-handed

Around 300,000 of the 8.8 million e-card owners go away empty-handed because they have left the electronic health record (ELGA), reported the “little one”. Because without an ELGA connection to the e-card, the pharmacist does not know whether the person has already picked up a set from other pharmacies. The newspaper quoted the head of the SPÖ-affiliated pensioners’ association, Peter Kostelka: “Those who have exercised a right to which they are entitled will be punished.”


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