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From moodless bedroom to hotel chic

Nick and Laura really know what they want. When you look at the rest of their house, it all looks very atmospheric. But they think the bedroom feels cold. Everything is white and they like to see it differently.

Stylist Gwen is coming to help! She made a mood board for the bedroom. On the mood board you will find gold accents and the main color turns blue.

A new color

Together with Klusser Martine she is going to work on the bedroom. The wall is painted blue first. Blue is a calming color and therefore suitable for the bedroom. In fact, it seems to make you sleep better. Well, we all want to.

Gwen has chosen to paint only the bottom of the wall, which gives you the effect of paneling without it being there. By connecting these walls to the main wall, which is painted completely blue, it becomes a whole.

Make it attractive with different textures

The standing lamp with palm leaves is a real eye-catcher in the room. The brass goes very well with the blue on the wall. And the nice thing about this lamp is that you get shade from the leaves on the walls. Gwen also returns the gold to the side table by the sofa.

To add more atmosphere to the room, Gwen puts down a rug. In addition, opt for a stylish armchair made of teddy fabric. This fabric is not only completely ‘on trend’, it immediately makes the room cozy. By using different fabrics in the bedroom, you create more atmosphere and you immediately get a warmer feeling.

And of course pillows! The easiest way to create more atmosphere in your bedroom. Again, play with different colors and textures to create contrast. Gwen does this by choosing a velvet pillow in dark blue. Beautiful in contrast to the white bedding.


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