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From old (old) house to modern house: Sylvie and Pepijn rebuilt everything themselves

The ‘DIY house’ turned out to be a major challenge. Dozens of instruction videos and a lot of refurbishing experience richer, the house is finally (almost) finished and a true @dreamklusteam was created. Pepijn: “It was actually the intention not to renovate, but we couldn’t afford a renovated house in the center of Rotterdam.”

There seemed to be no end

The house, built in 1938, has an area of ​​90 m2 and contains 4 rooms. “We only demolished the first two months,” says Sylvie. There seemed to be no end to it, but after the demolition work, hope soon increased again. “The construction phase could begin. We were finally going to make something beautiful out of it.”

The hall after entering looked old-fashioned and unkempt. You could see the pipes running everywhere and the floor was also due for replacement, according to the couple. The pipes were hidden under the ceiling and under the floor. Once engaged, the couple made optimal use of this situation: all cables from lamps and other electricity were also removed.

Cooking island

The kitchen, which was previously located in a somewhat more remote place where there is now a clothing room, was moved to the living room. “We wanted to integrate the kitchen into the rest of the house. We drew in the options on a floor plan and eventually decided to put a cooking island in the living room.”

Like the other bathrooms, the kitchen has a brass faucet. According to the couple, this gives a lot of warmth and more atmosphere than a standard silver-colored tap.

Connecting ensuite

From the living room you look into the ensuite, which is closed with two sliding doors. “Pepijn has made a suspension system with rails, so that the doors float above the ground, as it were.”

The biggest job challenge

According to the couple, the biggest job challenge was the bathroom. Pepijn: “This was also the most exciting to renovate, with all those pipes. Of course we did not want a leakage from the neighbors below.”

Pepijn and Sylvie took the bath out and moved a wall to get more space in their bathroom. The bathroom enlargement came at the expense of their bedroom space, but they don’t mind. “We knew very quickly that we wanted a walk-in closet, so we don’t have a closet in the bedroom. That’s why our bedroom is now small but nice.”

The tiles in the bathroom are on the large side: 1.20 meters by 60 centimeters. Difficult to tile because of the weight, but very nice in the bathroom, says Pepijn. “It makes the overall look a bit calmer because you have fewer joints.”

Hotel switching

The two also made optimal use of the new ceiling in the bedroom. They mounted a hotel circuit, so they don’t have to get out of bed to turn off the lamp. The walls have an old-pink, warm hue.

Would you like to see more DIY and home inspiration from Sylvie and Pepijn? Then take a look at their Instagram account.


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