From spring you can take the boat from Groningen to Norway

The first departure of the new ferry service is scheduled for April 7, 2022, and the boat is scheduled to operate three times a week between Eemshaven and Kristiansand in southern Norway.

In low season, a return ticket costs 225 euros per person if you share a cabin with two people, and 250 euros if you bring your car. In the high season the prices rise, then you will lose 1000 euros for a family with two children.

Trucks, campers and caravans can also be taken on the ship.

Overnight on board

A trip lasts from 3:00 PM to 9:00 AM the next morning; so you sleep on the boat. During that time you can visit several restaurants and cafes, a sauna, theater and duty-free shops.

There is capacity for 2,700 passengers on board, but the owners have decided to allow a maximum of 1,500 for the time being. “If there is still something to do with corona, then we can give people space,” explains CEO Bart Cunnen.

The new ferry line is expected to create 50 new jobs, both on the ship and in the new ferry terminal to be built in Eemshaven.

Groningen short break

The main target group for the ferry connection is Norwegian travellers. “A lot of people come this way from the Norwegian side: we see about 900,000 car movements per year. We offer this ferry service as a short break to Groningen, or to travel on to Amsterdam,” explains Cunnen.

Cunnen spent 2.5 years researching the connection and is convinced that he can also enthuse Dutch people for the connection. “If you look at the map, this is the most direct connection between Southern Norway and the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. You are directly in the fjords by car.”

It is ‘a considerable investment’, says Cunnen, who does not want to reveal any further details. Investors from logistics, shipping and port real estate are behind the plan.

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