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From this week to stream new: Veerle Baetens in ‘Cheyenne & Lola’, last episodes ‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’ and ‘Vikings’ and film classics ‘E.T.’ and ‘Out Of Africa’

The time has come: we are in the year 2021. The expectations are high, we quietly hope to be able to return to life as we knew it. One thing won’t change: the various streaming services will continue to bombard us with content, and fortunately. There is already a lot of choice on these first days of the new year.


Bee Streamz can be found throughout the season of a brand new series. In the French-language series Cheyenne & Lola (7 episodes) plays Veerle Baetens Cheyenne. At first glance, the world of Cheyenne and Lola seems completely different – the first cleans at the second – but fate links them together.

Cheyenne and Lola are two women who suddenly turn out to have no future. Tired of being oppressed in a man’s world, they resist anyone who wants to take advantage of them.

Also with Streamz to be the latest episodes of Vikings to be found, season 6B. Those who have not yet started the series can go there also all previous episodes find. In these last episodes, the conflict between the Roes people and the Vikings comes to an end. Meanwhile, a conflict with the King of Wessex arises in England and Ubbe is determined to discover even more of the world.

Bee Netflix we take it again goodbye to Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, the dark series about the teenage witch who had to choose between light and darkness on her sixteenth birthday. In the fourth and final part we see how the witches have to deal with The Weird, The Returned, The Darkness and The Void. The fifth season was a crossover with the popular series Riverdale promised, but it will not come.

But there are also brand new ranges on it Netflix to see. In the six-part Danish mini-series Equinox it revolves around Astrid who in 1999, as a nine-year-old, was traumatized by the disappearance of a whole class of students, including her sister. Astrid has visions and nightmares, but finds peace in life, but when one of the deceased contacts her from 1999 in 2020, she is determined to unravel the mystery.

The launch of the dthe season of it Cobra Kai – which was initially a web series, but was then taken over by Netflix – has been brought forward because the first two seasons were such a big hit on the platform. The series is a sequel to three The Karate Kidmovies from the eighties. In this series, the story focuses on Johnny Lawrence, the villain from the original films. In Cobra Kai he tries to reopen the old dojo, of which he was once one of the top students. In doing so, he faces his old rival, Daniel LaRusso. A fourth season is also in the works.

Fans of Supergirl can also rub their hands because the fifth season of the series – airing between October 2019 and May 2020 is also on from now on Netflix to see. The nineteen episodes of this season herald the farewell to the series in the sixth season coming in 2021.

Also from Family Guy is a new season on Netflix to find, the 18th al. It concerns the most recent fully completed season of the animation series.

Recent Movies

On Amazon Prime we can make it entertaining Greenland find back. Gerard Butler is on the run from a world disaster with his family in this film. It’s strange to look at these days, yet we were left with a surprisingly positive feeling after two hours.

We can go on since Christmas Day Streamz + watch True History Of The Kelly Gang. In this film we travel back to the 1870s to colonized Australia where the British rule with an iron fist. Ned Kelly (George McKay) is apprenticed to a highwayman (Russel Crowe) after his mother’s wrongful arrest. He gathers a few rebels and wants to take on the British.

We can also join us at the end of the weekend Streamz +, to Un Fils watch, one of the film gems from 2020. The story takes place in Tunisia during the summer of 2011. Fares and Meriem spend their holidays with their 10-year-old son Aziz. Everything ends in disaster when the boy is accidentally shot in an ambush. Aziz needs a liver transplant.

On the streaming platform Sooner two films have also been added that we would like to tip: Proxima (2019) – with Eva Green trying to reconcile a career as an astronaut with family life – and the excellent Lara (2020) – about a woman who has just turned 60, is retiring and plans to attend her son Viktor’s piano concert. The films have been added to the section “Cinema at home” and are highly recommended. A few months ago we spoke with director Jan-Ole Gerster, director of Lara. You can read that interview here.

Older movies

A new year has begun and so many films have changed places again due to rights issues. We will also list these for you.

On Netflix is the modern horror classic Get Out (2017). Some real classics can also be found there. We find the biggest recommendation for this first weekend of 2021 E.T .: The Extra-Terrestial (1982), Steven Spielberg’s classic about the friendship between a boy and an alien rises again Netflix.

The whole family can still enjoy the animation films How To Train Your Dragon 2 (2014) and Bigfoot Junior (2018), both available on Netflix.

On Disney + include Amanda Seyfried and Beyoné EPIC (2013), in which a teenage girl is transported to a forest world she did not suspect existed and finds herself in a battle between good and evil. Finally, you can also think back with nostalgia to the times of Safety First with the whole family. Safety First: The Movie (2015) has been up since December 30 Streamz +.

Very strongly recommended and is new on Sooner: Beast (2017) in which Jessie plays Buckley Moll who flees her own birthday party and then meets Pascal, a hunter who doesn’t want to share much about his past. Moll moves in with him, but at the same time does not know whether Pascal can be trusted: a teenage girl from the region is missing and murders have already taken place in the region.

Finally, a few more film classics: the epic Out Of Africa (1985) – based on the life of Danish writer Karen Blixen (Meryl Streep) who starts a plantation in Kenya – is back on Netflix. We would like to introduce ourselves again O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000, on Netflix), the story inspired by Homer’s Odysseus of three prisoners who (in 1937 Mississippi) manage to escape from their forced labor and search for an alleged treasure. Excellent entertainment from the Coen brothers with George Clooney, John Turturro and Tim Blake Nelson in the role of the three inmates.

If you haven’t had enough of 2020 yet, you can Twelve Monkeys set it up again (1995, available at Netflix). In the now very scary film by Terry Gilliam, five billion people have been exterminated by a virus. In 2035, what remains of humanity will live underground. A convicted prisoner, played by Brad Pitt, is sent back in time to investigate the virus so that a fight can be started.


And if you want to start 2021 with good intentions, you might want to start cleaning up and removing everything from your home that you don’t really need. It is the movement that is called Minimalism: it is not that you are not allowed to consume, but before you buy things ask yourself whether you really need what you want to buy in your life. Good friends Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus tell you in the documentary The Minimalists: Less Is Now (Netflix) how life can be better with less.


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