From today you have to fill in a form when you return from abroad: you should know this

If you have been abroad for more than 48 hours and are returning to Belgium, you must complete an online form before August 1 before returning. Which Passenger Locator Form aims to improve the ability of authorities to control infections among travelers and to better protect those at risk.

What is it Passenger Locator Form?

On the National Security Council on Thursday, July 23, it was decided that everyone returning from abroad should fill in an online form. It asks for your personal details, information about where you stayed abroad and where you will stay in Belgium. Those returning by plane must also provide their flight number and seat.

It took a while for all practical and legal matters related to such a form to be in order, but from August 1 it is mandatory.

Who should complete the form?

Everyone who returns to Belgium from abroad must complete the form. It does not matter which vehicle you use: by plane, by boat, on foot, by train, by car, by bicycle …

There is one exception for people who take a day trip across the border or go walking or cycling abroad. That is why you only have to fill in such a form if you were abroad for less than 48 hours or will be in Belgium for less than 48 hours. “But this exception does not apply to those who travel by plane or boat. If you travel by plane or by boat, you must complete the form, regardless of how long you are on our territory, ”explained Gino Claes of the Federal Public Service for Health at the Crisis Center press conference.

When do I have to fill in the form?

The form must be completed at the latest just before you return to Belgium and no earlier than two days before your departure. It is prohibited to fill in more than two days in advance.

How do I complete the form?

This is what the form looks like that you must complete before returning to Belgium. – Source:
  • Make sure you have your identity card and any flight details or other information about your stay abroad with you.
  • Go to the Dutch website of the Public Health Passenger Locator Form. There is also an English, French and German version if desired.
  • There you fill in everything that is requested from personal data, your trip abroad and your stay in Belgium. The boxes with a red star are mandatory.
  • Then click on “Send data”.
  • Then you will receive a QR code by email. This means that you have completed the form correctly. If you travel by plane, you need that code to get on. You cannot return without a code.
    • When the website was only online, many users complained that they did not receive a confirmation email even though they had filled in everything correctly. FPS Public Health said that the ICT services are doing their best to resolve problems as quickly as possible.

Why does the form need to be completed?

“By filling in this form, you can be notified immediately and officially if the zone you stayed in has turned red. You get all the information you need to protect yourself and your environment. If you travel by public transport, you can also be warned on the basis of the information on the form if a fellow passenger passenger tests positive for the corona virus ”, FPS Public Health writes on its website with more information about the Public Health Passenger Locator Form. All data is kept for 28 days and then destroyed.

The form therefore serves three purposes. First, it should help ensure that travelers returning from a red zone have a corona test and quarantine. This is mandatory if you come from an area with code red. If that is the case, after completing the form you will receive an SMS with the necessary information about what to do.

In addition, you may also return from a region that appears safe upon arrival in Belgium, but where the number of infections increases rapidly shortly afterwards. Chances are that many people in that region were already infected with the coronavirus when you were there. In such a case, you will be informed via your details on the form and you will be told what to do.

Finally, it is also possible for a traveler who has just returned to Belgium to test positive for the corona virus. Then his or her form will be used to find out which plane, bus, boat or train that person has traveled so that all fellow passengers can be notified that they may also be infected.


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