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From uninviting clutter space to chic, attractive bedroom

Marike and Bas have been wanting to tackle their bedroom for a long time, but how? They weren’t exactly sure. When they had to stay at home for two weeks due to corona, they had to change the room. “There are boxes and things everywhere, we can’t get rid of them. We also have a walk-in closet, but it is almost falling apart.”

Impossible niche

The niche in the corner of the room does not make it easy either, but fortunately handyman Patrick knows what to do with it. He discusses the metamorphosis plans together with stylist Denise.

It should be an attractive, colorful place, so Patrick chooses a dark blue tone to create atmosphere in the now sterile and uninviting looking room.

Patrick uses SMOKEY EYES NO for this. 47 from LAB PAINT.

Making cupboards

To give the niche a function and a more beautiful appearance, Patrick makes cabinets of which one side of the cabinets has doors. He saws all planks exactly to size in advance, so that everything will fit properly later on. He paints some of the cupboards in the same dark blue shade as the wall.

Walk in closet

The old, rickety walk-in closet is also getting an update: the doors are being reused and given a lick of paint. A soft earth tone, which in combination with the blue colors creates a relaxed atmosphere.

This time we chose STONE NO. 28 from LAB PAINT on the wall next to the walk-in closet, a dark blue color has been chosen, namely HERO’S TIME NO. 138 from LAB PAINT.

Day 2

While Marike and Bas spend a night in a hotel, Patrick and Denise are working hard to create a hotel feeling in their own bedroom at home.

Denise makes wall lamps for next to the bed. She does this with two wooden boards, a cord, long screws and a nice lamp. First she attaches the two planks together. Then she drills a hole, through which she puts the cord. Just connect the fitting and plug – and you’re done!

Hotel feeling

To convey the real hotel feeling, Patrick makes a luxurious headboard for behind the bed. He uses plywood for this. This consists of all kinds of beautiful layers and mounts the headboard bar around the bar, giving you more depth. It also makes room for power points.

The wood immediately gives that warm hotel feeling. That is why our handymen choose to have the wood come back to the window. By also replacing the blinds, the bedroom becomes a beautiful whole. The blinds that have been used come from Topjaloezië

Finish room

Once the headboard is up, the picture is almost complete. Denise comes into action for a while to style everything and apply the final details. She makes towel rings from wooden blocks.

She does this by chiseling out the blocks and then smoothing them with a veil. The rings will hang here later, but before she attaches them, she still injects the rings in one trendy coloring.

According to Denise, the room is only really finished, with a neatly made bed.

Tip: For the best result, choose bedding that matches the colors in the room and add beautiful decorative pillows. This way you get the feeling that you are sleeping in a hotel room every night!

Episodes 16 & 17 were made possible in part for Vestingh and Topjaloezies.


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