Fuel price relief: This is how drivers are relieved when refueling

Since Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression in Ukraine has been raging, Europe has been groaning under the dramatic rise in fuel prices. Many countries have already taken drastic measures to relieve motorists.

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In Germany, Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) brought up a tank discount, while other politicians suggested tax reductions.

In this way, the energy tax on fuel is reduced

After days of debate, the governing coalition has now decided on a package of relief that is intended to provide relief for a limited period of time. It not only affects fuel costs for the car, but also heating costs at home. The most important measure for motorists: the energy tax is to be lowered to such an extent that fuel prices at the gas station fall by 30 cents per liter of premium petrol and 14 cents per liter of diesel.
In order to also relieve consumers and employees, there will be a nationwide flat rate for monthly tickets for local transport: nine euros will be charged per person for one month of public transport. So if you can, you can leave your car behind and take the bus or train to work or to go shopping.

This is what the energy price flat rate looks like

Motorists benefit indirectly from another measure: All employees and self-employed persons are to receive a one-off payment of 300 euros as an “energy price flat rate”. This support must be taxed as additional income. The government wants to pay out the energy money via the employer as soon as possible. Instead, freelancers receive a reduction on the income tax prepayment.

Similar to the Corona aid, families should receive additional support of 100 euros per child. And those who receive social assistance receive an additional one-off payment of 100 euros from the state.

Measures initially limited to three months

Important: The measures of the so-called energy cost relief only apply for the following three months after they come into force. It is not yet certain whether the trip to the summer holiday will benefit from the fuel price reduction. It is not yet clear when the reduction in energy tax will come into force.

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