Fuel theft: More diesel thefts than in years

Wednesday night at the Schremheide-Süd motorway parking lot between Hamburg and Berlin. The police chiefs Röhrig and Pekrul check the tanks of the parked vehicles truck. Reason: Due to the high fuel prices, diesel thieves are increasingly striking (this relief for drivers is coming).

Clever refueling


Fuel price check to the minute

This is how the gas price is at gas stations in the area!

In co-operation with

“They come at night with small trucks, crack the tank locks and pump up to 600 liters out of one truck“, says policeman Mario Pekrul. Since the fuel prices up to more than 2.40 euros in some cases, such thefts are increasing, says Klaus Wiechmann, press spokesman for the Ludwigslust Police Inspectorate (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania). “There hasn’t been so much diesel theft in freeway parking lots for years.”

Trucks and construction machinery are stolen

The number of fuel thefts in the district of Ludwiglust-Parchim more than doubled from 9 to 22 in the first quarter. “One of the things that is stolen from truck and construction machinery,” says Wiechmann. His colleagues now drive special patrols at night to deal with the problem.

Police advise: refuel before departure

the police recommends closing in the morning before departure refuel. And even if the truck on their own depot, because thieves didn’t stop at them either.

fuel theft

Thieves are increasingly stealing hundreds of liters of fuel from tanks on truck tractors like this one.

What happens to the stolen goods? “Either it’s for personal use, it’s sold on as stolen goods, or it’s used as heating oil,” says Wiechmann. No wonder loud ADAC March 2022 was the most expensive tank month of all time, the diesel price rose from around 1.30 to 2.30 euros within a year!

Fuel scammer stopped after car chase

It is still unclear how much this will increase fuel fraud at the pumps police. Recently, a driver was caught on the A24 who simply didn’t have enough money to pay his fuel bill. And on the A 6 in the district of Ansbach (Bavaria), a gas swindler was only able to break free after a breakneck chase police being stopped. He had his diesel filled up without paying – for a stately 140 euros.

A fuel thief in Heidekreis (Lower Saxony), on the other hand, turned himself in to a certain extent. He fled with a full tank – but without checking the oil level, as one should do at every fuel stop. And remained after a few kilometers with a broken one engine lie.

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