Full source code of original Xbox leaked online

The code first appeared at the beginning of this month. Meanwhile, a Microsoft spokesperson for The Verge has confirmed the authenticity of the software. “We are aware of this and are conducting research,” said the company.

The source code shows exactly how the software of the original Xbox was put together. Nice for hobbyists, but it may also contain Microsoft’s trade secrets. The Xbox appeared in the early 21st century and was later succeeded by the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Gold mine for emulation

Game console source code is often a gold mine for emulation software builders, allowing you to play old console games on a modern PC or phone. According to insiders, this leaked source code has already been seen by emulator builders before. The chance is therefore small that large steps will suddenly be made in the field of software.

This is already the second time this year that confidential software code from a game console has been released. Recently, the code of several old Nintendo game consoles surfaced, including demos of games that the Japanese company has never released before.


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