Full Tesla program: VW boss now also wants to tweet – but is a long time coming

Will he dare to do the same on Twitter? Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess welcomed the new year in the job social network LinkedIn with a video of a test drive – but not with the VW ID.4 electric car, which is to be delivered to customers worldwide from 2021, but roaring with a sporty cup Group brand Seat. About a week earlier, he had announced that he would also be on Twitter in the new year. However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and his fans rule there – and so far Diess has not been seen in this unfamiliar environment.

This wants in the cave of the Tesla lion

His CEO colleague Jeff Bezos from Amazon has already called the Tesla boss a “copycat” after he invested in a startup for autonomous driving (and like Musk, he also has a rocket company called Blue Origin with SpaceX). Musk does not seem to mind that Diess is much stronger, at least on the Tesla course. Instead, he publicly praised the VW boss several times for his conversion ambitions at Volkswagen. After his first visit to Germany this summer, the Tesla boss even visited his colleague at VW at Wolfsburg Airport to briefly test drive the ID.3 electric car.

The VW CEO then cannibalized this visit to Musk in the media – but not on Twitter, as is usually the case with the Tesla CEO, but in the more reserved environment of LinkedIn, where all members officially appear under their real names. When the CEO wanted to speak to the Twitter masses, he left that to the official VW account, which then referred to LinkedIn posts by Diess.

This year, however, Diess wants to venture into the cave of the Tesla lion, so to speak. “In 2021 we want to communicate more intensively with politics. Twitter is the medium, ”he wrote on LinkedIn just before Christmas. How uncomfortable it can get with the freer social network, BMW in particular has to experience again and again among the car companies. Not the CEO, but an agency regularly tries on Twitter to get people excited about the vehicles and to collect positive comments. But because BMW, unlike Volkswagen or at least Diess, does not consistently think electrically and also holds on to its ever larger radiator grilles for electric cars, there is often biting criticism instead.

Role model Musk with 41 million followers

This should have it easier due to the protection of Musk on Twitter. He wanted to start his activity there in January, the specialist portal learned from press spokespersons from corporate circles. In the first few days of the month, however, he apparently had no time or saw no reason. This Tuesday there was not even a profile on Twitter that could be safely assigned to the VW boss. The search for his name returns two hits, including a protected account with 0 followers since August 2019. The more likely candidate is @Herbert_Diess from December 2020 with 9 observers, but no content.

“Please ignore previous tweets, it was just someone who pretended to be me 🙂 Now I really am,” was the first Twitter message from Tesla boss Musk in June 2010, who now has a good 41 million Twitter followers there . For a long time Diess could only dream of that. Unlike probably Musk, he even has employees for marketing in social media: he is supported in his contributions by a team around his CEO spokesman, reports press spokesman, but also “often writes himself”. It is kept in a similar way on Twitter. So Diess should not be as authentic and interesting as the Tesla boss’s account.


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