Funny WhatsApp sayings about Santa Claus for your status

Ho-Ho… Oops, no original Santa Claus saying for December 6th. ready? Here are the funniest sayings for Whatsapp and Co.

On December 6th it’s that time again: Santa Claus is coming! While the little ones are looking forward to boots full of gifts, the big ones create a good atmosphere with beautiful Santa Claus greetings and messages on Whatsapp, Telegram and Co. Are you still missing a suitable saying for your status? No problem: The following list will inspire you with funny and classic Santa Claus sayings.

The best WhatsApp sayings about Santa Claus

Simply copy the most beautiful sayings into the Whatsapp status or on any other platform on which you would like to share the saying. If you like, you can of course also insert Christmas emojis:

  • Nikolaus, be our guest when you have something in your bag. Do you have anything, so settle down, if you have nothing, grab yourself again!

  • Dear Nikolaus, I want a big bank account and a slim body, please don’t confuse it again, ok?

  • Well, then I would be ready for Santa Claus. Put out all the shoes I could find.

  • Bring something for the small children, the big ones, they let it go, they can buy something themselves!

  • I wrote to Santa Claus what I wish for being good. I’m blocked now.

  • Dear Nicholas, define naughty!

  • Attention, please share! A bearded old man in flashy red clothing has been seen! He wants to blame innocent people for something.

  • Clean your shoes and dress them up, there are gifts in abundance for the good guys.

  • Nicholas is coming to you today, sending me a warm greeting. Something sweet that is still completely virtual, imagine the pleasure and eat it quickly!

  • Computers, tablets, iPhones and cell phones are trendy for young people. Can dear Santa Claus also give high-tech things as gifts?

Your favorite saying for Santa Claus is not there? Feel free to write to us on Instagram and maybe it will still find a place in our list. You can find more themed Whatsapp sayings here:

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