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Year after year: Send your Christmas greetings with festive sayings and poems for Whatsapp and Co.

Christmas is just around the corner and with it the great opportunity to wish your loved ones a Merry Christmas. For those who like things to be quick and uncomplicated, we have therefore listed a number of poems and sayings that are perfect in Whatsapp status or on any other social media platform.

Funny Whatsapp sayings for Christmas

Short, funny sayings always go down well and are particularly easy to share. Copy the most beautiful ones directly into the status or send them privately if you want to make someone special smile. If you want, you can decorate the sayings with matching Christmas emojis.

  • I am sending you these Christmas greetings to remind you of the real reason for Christmas in addition to all the commerce: the birth of Santa Claus!

  • I wanted to send you something lovely, exciting and beautiful for Christmas this year. But at the post office I was ordered to get out of the package, otherwise they would call the security service.

  • Merry Christmas! May streams of mulled wine and a crispy roast goose accompany you to the festival.

  • Take two more packages for the neighbor and I have all the Christmas presents together.

  • First of all, wrap up the “We-don’t-give-ourselves-anything” gifts.

  • By the way: 9 out of 10 ducks recommend roast beef for Christmas.

  • Somehow I think it’s really not okay when “Last Christmas” is played in retirement homes.

  • A cookie a day keeps the stress away.

  • Ho ho ho! I wish you a cuddly, warm, luminous, contemplative, heavenly calm, beautiful, calorie-bombed and reindeer-strong Christmas!

  • Christmas is when the best presents are at the table and not under the tree.

  • When wrapping gifts, the following applies: Missing talent is replaced by adhesive tape!

  • I wish you a Merry Christmas with lots of cookies and useful gifts!

  • When the quiet time is over, it will be quieter again! (Karl Valentin)

Festive poems for Christmas

If you prefer to spread some poetry, you can of course also put a short poem in the status. For longer poems you should note that only 700 characters are allowed in Whatsapp status. However, our poems below are short enough for them to be easily copied and shared:

  • I’m the little Christmas fairy, I’m deep in the thick snow, that’s why I send you a handful of magic stars from far away.

  • A festive mood is spreading, the time will soon come. Christmas is just around the corner, a great celebration for everyone here!

  • The tree burned, the present forgotten, the goose has already been eaten, and only stupid gifts on the table, well then have a nice Christmas Eve!

  • When the snow falls wonderfully and the mulled wine tastes so great, when we always chew cookies, then we know, it’s so far: She is there, the Christmas season.

  • Shining bright and wonderful, so be the next year for you! We wish you joy and contemplation at Christmas time!

  • I want to send you Christmas greetings by e-mail, letter and short message, with a song, with a poem, by post, with words or clicks.

  • This Whatsapp greeting should say: Enjoy the Christmas days. The new year should bring everyone what counts for happiness in life and, above all, peace all over the world! Merry Christmas!

Are you missing a very special poem or saying in the list? Then just write to us on Instagram and maybe we will take the suggestion with us.

There are more Whatsapp sayings here:

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