Fußi strikes back and files a complaint against Nehammer

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) against political activist Rudolf Fußi: The duel goes into the next round. The Ministry of the Interior (BMI) had put the public prosecutor on Fußi after he had equated the mental abilities of Viennese police officers with those of police dogs in a tweet. Allegedly through an unfortunate coincidence, the examination of a lawsuit against Fußi was subsequently published on the website of the Ministry of the Interior – and very prominently. The BMI also canceled an OTS broadcast in this specific case.

As a result, Fußi received broad support from his Twitter followers. Neos MP Stephanie Krisper also questioned whether the Interior Ministry had nothing better to do than “intimidate citizens”. Other users spoke of a “pillory” and a “wanted man”. Fußi identified in the ZiB night a development that is questionable in terms of democratic politics: “Today it happens to me, tomorrow it can affect normal citizens (…).” He apologized anyway for the “stupid tweet” against the police. And: He will now collect money if other citizens are sued and have the possibility of counterclaims checked.


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