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Fuss about NPO program in which children question naked people

A TV program in which children ask naked people the ‘shirt of the body’ does not go down well. Finding viewers (or non-viewers) Just. Bare. of the fool.

The purpose of Just. Bare. (as the program is called) is to show children that there are more types of bodies than the ‘perfect’ ones they see in movies or on social media. In the program, children ask five ordinary people the ‘shirt of the body’ (but then literally). Children from groups 7 and 8 talk to the guests about their bodies and each episode focuses on a different subject / body part.

The presenter of Ordinary. Bare.
Presenter of Ordinary. Bare. Edson da Graça Photo: NTR / Laura Oldenbroek

‘Bizarre plan’

“By learning that body parts come in all shapes and sizes, the children should develop a more positive body image and self-image,” it said. Just. Bare. The SGP does not agree with this and thinks it is going too far. If it is up to the party, the cabinet will prevent the program from being shown on TV from 21 March.

SGP leader Kees van der Staaij thinks the plan is “bizarre”. “As if children don’t know that not every body is the same. It goes way too far for me when that happens by confronting pupils in primary school with completely naked strangers in the classroom. How did you get it? ”He says. Such matters, he said, should be discussed within the family. And Twitter agrees with that.

‘Big no’

“I strongly support that children are used to being exposed from an early age. Within the safe circle at home. Not on TV ”, someone writes. The hashtag #gewoonbloot is trending on Twitter, reaching even more people. “What the hell! Just Naked is a really big no. Having children ask naked people questions is just sick, ”says another.

Others feel that children are just plain with children’s things must keep busy: “Disgusting that this is being broadcast, this country is getting really sick.” Another makes the comparison with walking around naked outside: “If I show my penis to a child in the park, I will be arrested (rightly so). If I do that on TV, it is called ‘open’ and ‘educational’. ”

Petitions against Ordinary. Bare.

According to yet another, the NPO goes with Just. Bare. too far in the sexualisation of children. “This is just shameless. Sexualization is really going too far: from advertisements to primary education. ” In the meantime, several petitions have already been started, where concerned parents can leave a digital signature. Initiators hope that this will stop the broadcasting of the program. More than 10,000 signatures have already been signed.

‘Nothing wrong’ with Ordinary. Bare.

In the meantime, a counter-movement has also started on Twitter: those who find the reactions exaggerated and that this program should be possible. “What’s the matter with everyone?” Someone responds to the fuss. “It’s just about naked bodies. There is nothing wrong with HE-LE-MAAL. ”

Insta and Tiktok

Just. Bare. seems to me to be a good and educational program. It is good for children to learn that bodies are normal and that there is nothing wrong with naked. The fuss that exists is mainly due to the fact that we sexualize bodies too often. And it is precisely this that can help against that ”, someone thinks. “I think the people who are so mad at it Just. Bare. vDon’t forget that kids now get their body image through Insta and TikTok, ”says another. “This (program, ed.) May help.”

And finally this wisdom: “The anger that Just. Bare. In my opinion, shows exactly why such a program is needed. ”

Just. Bare. is a remake of a Danish series and consists of eight 15-minute episodes.

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