Fussi in the “pillory”? “Today it happens to me, tomorrow to ordinary citizens”

Fußi, who is quite a powerful voice on Austro Twitter, received broad support from his followers. Neos MP Stephanie Krisper questioned whether the Interior Ministry had nothing better to do than “intimidate citizens”. Other users spoke of a “pillory” and “wanted man”, an attempt by the ÖVP to divert attention from the Blümel cause, and promised Fußi financial support in the event of a lawsuit.

He won’t be intimidated

The PR consultant and political activist then contacted the ZIB night to speak. When asked if he felt intimidated, he said, “I am intimidated by people I take seriously – so no.” Nevertheless, he finds it “frightening citizens” that a minister of the interior attacks a private person using press releases. This is questionable in terms of democratic politics: “Today it happens to me, tomorrow it can affect normal citizens (…).”

It is a “common pattern of authoritarian structures”, according to Fußi: “First you switch the media right away, then you damage the institutions and then you sue critics.” You have to defend yourself against this. He apologized anyway for the “stupid tweet” against the police. He will now collect money if other citizens are sued and let the possibility of a counterclaim be examined.


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