Future K3 must adhere to these strict rules

It’s no secret that strict rules rest on the K3 shelf. Although the first composition With Kathleen Aerts, Kristel Verbeke and Karen Damen started with somewhat spicier lyrics, as can be heard in hits like ‘Heyah Mama’ and ‘Yeke Yeke’, this was soon changed. K3 turned out to generate mainly young fans and so the image had to be adjusted accordingly.

1. Tattoos

Tattooing is not illegal, but K3 members should think carefully before scratching permanent ink on their angel skin. Josje Huisman, Hanne Verbruggen and Karen Damen were the only ones who braved the needles. “Having a tattoo here or there is not a problem as a K3 member. But beware: the ‘works of art’ should not take on excessive proportions,” Eric explains. “Karen and Josje from the previous composition, for example, were frequently photographed with their tattoos.”

“But when that version of K3 ended in 2015, Josje couldn’t wait to expand her tattoo collection considerably in the years that followed,” Eric adds. “It is known from the – still – current composition of K3 that Hanne is also the only one of the trio to have tattoos. But they cannot be admired by the general public.” It remains to be seen whether the new K3 will have a tattoo.

2. Drink and drugs

This one will not come as a surprise, but the K3’s are not allowed to rumble through the city. Alcohol and other narcotics are again not prohibited, but must be consumed behind the scenes. “It goes without saying that at Studio 100 they are not eager to drink or drug use of their girls”, says Eric. “Of course they cannot be banned, but because the agenda of K3 has been set for years, they can easily plan their evenings. Although former member Karen Damen has admitted in various interviews that she performed with a hangover during K3 on a regular basis. “

3. Smoking goods

A nicotine addiction is not appreciated by Studio 100. The former rebels Karen and Josje quietly lit a cigarette between takes, but that was not allowed to happen in front of the camera. “They are absolutely not in favor of smoking at production company Studio 100. But yes, they can control a lot of K3, but not everything,” Eric explains. “So if there is a need to smoke, it should be done out of sight of the children anyway.”


One of the fixed tricks with all shapes that K3 has taken is their appearance. Until now there has always been one with red hair, another with blond locks and another with a black haircut. Matching outfits are also pulled out of the closet as standard. Deviation is therefore not encouraged: so when Josje took a nose ring, it was not welcomed by their boss Gert Verhulst. “It was one of the most discussed topics during her years at K3: the tongue piercing of the red Karen. Many parents thought it was a bad example, but fans ran away with it,” says Eric.

“She was also the cheeky of the three, so it actually fit the bill,” he continues. “The singer has always kept it during K3 and only said goodbye to it two years ago. Josje also caused quite a stir when she suddenly appeared with a nose ring at a premiere. Pretty much the whole world fell over her. but she didn’t care. She would wear it more often later, but never during a performance by K3. “

5. Social media

The tight-fitting straitjacket of the K3 members is carried through in every part of their lives. So no fun party snapshots, crude music lyrics and naked summer photos are shared on social media. “With most weekends of the year filled with performances by K3, the girls don’t have a lot of free time it seems,” said Eric. “So they all show an enormous amount of their K3 life through their social media channels, although there is sometimes a glimpse of the real life of the girls. Hanne recently proudly shared the details of her marriage. But as one. out of three have a bad day, you will see it on Instagram so very quickly. ”

It will take a while before Klaasje’s spot next to Marthe and Hanne is taken by a new K3. But Klaasje is happy that the news has already come out, as can be seen in the video below.


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