“Future product” in Tesla report: will the e-car come for $ 25,000 or a van first?

In its financial report for the fourth quarter and the full year 2020, published on Wednesday, Tesla lists, as has been customary for some time, in which factories electric cars are currently being produced and which models are to follow where. From the second to the third quarter of 2020 nothing has changed in this overview apart from higher capacities at the main plant in Fremont and in China. The latest list, however, contains interesting news: Firstly, Tesla apparently no longer plans to produce the Model 3 in the Gigafactory near Berlin after the Model Y. And secondly, at the very end, a mysterious “future product” appears.

Nobody asked for a new Tesla

None of the analysts in the conference call after the report was published had the idea to ask CEO Elon Musk or one of Tesla’s other top managers what this was all about. Musk’s preferred private investors, in turn, can attend Tesla conferences and might have seized the opportunity earlier – but they have to submit their questions in advance and they are only read to management.

It should mean something that Tesla added the “future product” to its model and factory list for no apparent reason. According to the Q4 report, the Model Y from the German Gigafactory as well as the same Tesla model and the Cybertruck from the Gigafactory in the US state of Texas, which started in July 2020, will come before him. According to the latest list, the production site for Tesla Semi and the new Roadster is still undetermined. All of these plans were already known, and that the order will look like the overview in the report, Musk confirmed to the analysts – Cybertruck “with luck” later this year, then Semi, then only the Roadster.

Compact electric car and e-van confirmed

And then there is the unnamed next product that is to come after the roadster, so after the recent cautious statements by CEO Musk about the electric super sports car, it would probably not be until 2023. That would fit well with his statement from Tesla on Battery Day in September 2020 want to bring out a “really affordable” electric car below the Model 3 at a price of $ 25,000 that year. In addition, the CEO has announced both for the Gigafactory in China and for the new German one that a smaller vehicle should be developed there for the respective market.

On the other hand, Musk wrote in the second part of his “Master Plan” from July 2016 that Tesla also needed an electric vehicle with a “high passenger density”. In July 2020, he confirmed that both a compact electric car and an e-minibus would probably come. When asked about the second vehicle, the Tesla boss said at the latest conference that an electric van would “definitely” be built “at some point”. After the next quarterly report, Musk may reveal more about the next product that is now suggested – or in between on Twitter.


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