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‘Gadgets new Bond film obsolete due to premiere postponed several times’ | Entertainment

James Bond’s 25th adventure has been postponed several times due to the corona crisis. The film was initially scheduled to premiere at the end of 2019, now the film is scheduled for release in October 2021.

Large companies like Nokia (phones), Omega (watches) and Adidas (shoes) pay a lot of money to show their products in the film. This usually concerns the very latest models. But these are no longer new because the film has been shelved so often. According to sources, this mainly concerns scenes with Q (Ben Whishaw), the man who always provides 007 with the gadgets that can save him from any dire situation.

It is the last time that actor Daniel Craig plays the role of 007. A vacation from the British agent is in No time to die Abruptly interrupted when his old friend and CIA agent Felix Leiter asks him to help free a kidnapped scientist. It will be the longest Bondmovie in the history of the series.

The fiftieth anniversary edition of the International Film Festival in Rotterdam starts on Monday. What does the event look like in corona time and what are the recommendations? That can be heard in a new episode of the Culture and Media podcast:


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