Gal * Gun Returns presents a new opening film and a specific release date

Publisher pQube Games and Inti Creates have released the new opening film for the remaster Gal * Gun Returns. It was also announced that Gal * Gun Returns will be released in Europe on February 12, 2021 for PC Steam, Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

A limited collector’s edition

Fans in this country can find out about the Gal * Gun Returns Birthday Suit Collector’s Edition. However, only 3,000 of them, because the publication is limited to this number. You can pre-order this collector’s edition from Funstock. However, only the switch version contains a data carrier. The Xbox One and Steam versions only offer digital codes of the game. There will also be a standard retail version for Nintendo Switch.

Popularity has its pitfalls

Gal * Gun Returns is a remaster of the original Gal * Gun, which has never made it to the West. This is to celebrate the 10th birthday of the series. In addition to graphic improvements, new CG images are also promised. In addition to the story mode, there is also a score attack mode.

Gal * Gun follows the story of a hugely popular young man who has the fate that all women fall in love with him at first sight. However, he defends himself with his pheromone weapon, because he wants to win the heart of one of the more than 70 protagonists. The gameplay thus consists of shooter elements that combine with a dating sim.

If you hit the “enemies” in the right place, you put them into euphoria with one shot, so that they no longer represent a “danger”. In Doki-Doki mode you get closer to your lady of the heart. The original DLC outfits are included, by the way. Over 250 illustrations are waiting in a gallery and there should be a total of 423 different panties.

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