Galax RTX 3060: Brightly colored graphics card with an anime look

With the RTX 3060 “Gemüsefee”, manufacturer Galax offers an unusually designed graphics card for anime fans.

Many manufacturers have given their custom graphics cards a more daring design in recent years. However, the GPUs are usually only available in black, gray or white. Manufacturer Galax is taking a more unusual approach with its special model, the RTX 3060 from Nvidia. The GPU, also known as the “vegetable fairy”, lives up to its name: Nothing has changed in the basic configuration with 12 GB and suitability for games from Full HD to WQHD. In return, the Galax graphics card shines in unusual colors.

Dog head with lettuce

As the name suggests, there is a dog in a green head of lettuce on the backplate. The rest of the map is bright yellow. There are also accents in red and black Chinese characters. Galax also includes a dice, a mouse pad and a trading card with the special model. For this, 440 euros will be charged at the time of purchase. The graphics card is also limited to only 500 pieces. Who exactly the printed dog is remains open. It can be assumed that it is a Chinese comic hero.

Rather wait for RTX 4000

Interested buyers should nevertheless curb their desire to buy something. Firstly, the card should be sold out quickly. Nvidia is also planning to introduce a new graphics card generation called the RTX 4000 this year. This should offer significantly more performance and make buying the chic Galax GPU at the end of the RTX 3000 series a little less attractive. The graphics card still has a right to exist, because the unusual Galax graphics card with a dog’s head is always an eye-catcher in the computer.

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