Galaxy S23 Release: When is the new Samsung phone coming?

We’ll tell you when the next mobile flagship from Samsung, which goes by the name of Galaxy S23, will be launched.

Samsung’s next smartphone generation around the Galaxy S23 will be presented in a few months. There is no official release date yet, but we can tell you with high probability the presentation date.

  • February 8, 2023:

    Presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra

  • February 8, 2023:

    Start of the pre-order phase

  • February 24, 2023:

    possible market launch

How do we get the above data? February is the typical presentation date for Samsung’s Galaxy S series. However, the presentation of the Galaxy S21 in mid-January 2021 was an exception. The Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy S22 were each presented in the middle of the second week of February. The official release of the smartphone models is often several weeks after the presentation. This year, for example, the Galaxy S22 Ultra came onto the market after two weeks, the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ only followed in March.

The next launch could also take place in two parts. So the Galaxy S23 Ultra would be launched around February 24th, Galaxy S23 and S23+ could be sold on March 11th.

Assessment of the current rumours:

Samsung Galaxy S23: Why it’s worth the wait

Based on the current rumor status, the Galaxy S23 will not see any major design changes. But the Ultra model in particular will have special features: users can look forward to a powerful camera update with 200 megapixels and the latest Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm. The remaining specifications of the next flagship generations will probably be similar to the current ones: Same display size with identical adaptive refresh rate. The battery of the S23 Ultra should also remain the same at 5000 mAh. Will there at least finally be faster loading? There is not much information about this yet, but Samsung could again support a maximum of 45 watts.

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