Game of Thrones actors Kit Harington and Rose Leslie have become mom and dad

Jon Snow has become a dad! Or the actor who played the legendary role. That actor, Kit Harington, is married to his love interest from Game of Thrones, Rose Leslie. The two announced last September that they were expecting a child. And that’s now born.

In front of Game of Thronesfans, it seemed like a dream come true when Kit Harington and Rose Leslie announced they were dating. The two actors play Jon Snow and Ygritte respectively in the series.

Secret pregnancy

In Game of Thrones the two characters fall madly in love, but they cannot be together. The two star crossed lovers have made up for it by falling in love in real life. They got engaged at the end of 2017, and they got married just under two years later.

That it is not all doom and gloom in Westeros, Harington and Leslie proved once again last September. Then, out of nowhere, photos of a pregnant Rose Leslie appeared in Make Magazine. Due to the corona crisis, the couple could have kept the first months of pregnancy a secret.

Little son

And now that pregnancy is over. Because according to a spokesperson for the actors, they have welcomed their first child. That spokesperson announced to Page Six that Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are “very happy” with the arrival of their son. The name of the boy is not yet known.

The news became unofficial when photos surfaced of the couple with a baby in London’s streets. Their spokesperson subsequently confirmed the boy’s birth.


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