Game Ready 516.59: New driver for Geforce graphics cards

The new driver for Nvidia’s Geforce graphics cards contains several optimizations for current and upcoming games.

A current graphics card driver not only ensures stable operation. The manufacturer of the GPU, together with the game developers, weaves in optimizations for games that have just been released or are imminent at regular intervals. The result is higher frame rates or improved image quality for free. Therefore, users should always import the latest driver. With version 516.59 WHQL, Nvidia has just released the latest version of its Game Ready driver for Geforce graphics cards.

Optimizations for eight games

The new driver includes optimizations for the three games “F1 22”, “Loopmancer” and “Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak DLC”. There are also five optimal Geforce Experience settings for other games and support for the new GPU Geforce GTX 1630 in the driver.

High frame rates in “F1 22”

In the case of the Formula 1 simulation “F1 22”, players can look forward to several ray tracing effects with the new driver. Support for Nvidia’s DLSS upscaling technology is also on board. With a Geforce RTX 3060 Ti, over 60 frames per second are possible with 4K resolution and maximum quality including ray tracing. “Loopmancer” also receives support for DLSS and ray tracing.

Further optimizations in the driver

The optimal settings for the games “Hydroneer”, “Leap”, “Poppy Playtime”, “Propnight” and “The Cycle: Frontier” are also included in the new Game Ready driver. Players with a Geforce graphics card can download the current driver version 516.59 directly from Nvidia free of charge and install it on their system.

Download Game Ready Driver 519.59 for free from Nvidia

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