Gamer Ninja returns to Twitch after a year

Tyler Blevins, better known as Ninja, is back at streaming service Twitch after just over a year. The popular gamer surprisingly moved to Mixer last year. Now that that service no longer exists, he returns to the old nest.

“I am happy to return to streaming full-time and be in touch with my loyal fan base,” Ninja said in a statement. “I really took the time to decide which platform was the best and Twitch supported me throughout that process and understood my overall career goals. In this next chapter, I’m going to make it a point to draw more attention to under-represented creators. I look forward to working with Twitch to show how this great community of gamers can have a meaningful impact. ”


Ninja started streaming on Twitch ten years ago. There he quickly built a huge fan base with his videos in which he Fortnite plays. In August last year, Ninja unexpectedly turned its back on Twitch. He then signed an exclusivity contract with Mixer, Microsoft’s new streaming service for gamers.

However, Mixer could never live up to its high ambitions and attracted far less people than competitors Twitch, Facebook Gaming and YouTube Gaming. In July of this year, Microsoft therefore decided to close the service.


With that, the battle for Ninja started again. The popular gamer has a gigantic reach with 15 million Twitch followers and 24 million YouTube subscribers. Ninja has streamed a few times on both services in recent weeks, but now he will be exclusively on Twitch again.

“We are delighted that Ninja is returning to Twitch,” Michael Aragon, Twitch Senior Vice President of Content, said in a statement. “Tyler is an iconic force in the gaming community. It was amazing to see the impact he has had on the industry and wider culture. Gaming – and the people who love it – are now recognized by a wide audience, thanks in part to Tyler, and we know he’s just getting started. ”


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