Games against extremism: education platform launched

Sensitize young people

The initial situation is always similar: “The youngsters are isolated for the time being, they are new to a city or have arguments with their friends. They cannot find a connection and there are often two opposite poles that try to influence them, ”says Neufeld. So at the beginning of the games, injustices will always catch you in the hands of characters who initially seem very friendly and helpful.

In this way, Jens helps a classmate whose classmates berate him as a Nazi and Franziska would like to take part in the garbage collection campaign of a group that later turns out to be a radical right. At first everything seems harmless, the vehement criticism from outside can be taken seriously or ignored by players, by positioning themselves on one of the pages with their answers. Then the other side will try again to convince the players of their point of view.

This is intended to show how quickly people get into groups from which it is becoming increasingly difficult to exit – even if they themselves are not initially behind the ideological slogans that these groups communicate. The aim of the games and the platform is to make young people aware of these methods.

As a player, different paths can then be followed: you can oppose radicalization or experience what happens if you follow their ideology. “Most youngsters first take the non-radical path, but then try out what happens when they make other decisions,” Neufeld describes how they play. This way you can return to certain decision points after each completed game process and influence the story.


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