Gaming chair comparison: the best seats for gaming

Nothing is more important for gaming comfort than the right gaming chair. There are plenty of models with a fancy look. We reveal which seats you should take a closer look at.

We present recommended gaming chairs and give tips for buying.

Snakebyte Gaming Seat EVO: Solid seating quality

With the Gaming Seat EVO, Snakebyte has a real eye-catcher in its portfolio. In addition to the completely black version, the black gaming chair is also available in two other versions, each with an accent color.

When it comes to material, Snakebyte mainly uses synthetic leather. There are also colored fabric accents. In spite of the existing neck and lumbar pillows, gamers have to accept reductions in ergonomics. The chair’s curved armrests can only be adjusted together with the backrest. The armrests are comparatively long – and are also suitable for taller gamers. For the base, the manufacturer relies on cheap plastic instead of aluminum or wood.

For around 160 euros that is

Snakebyte Gaming Seat EVO


X Rocker G-Force 2.1: the exotic

Those who prefer gaming with a controller will find the most unconventional chair in our overview here. Just like with a beanbag, you can find yourself in the

X Rocker G-Force

just a few inches above the ground again. That can be interesting when playing in front of the TV.

In addition, the back of the model is tilted. So gamers can rock back and forth. However, gamers will look in vain for an adjustable backrest or armrest. An exciting feature is the chair’s integrated sound system. In addition to two speakers, there is also a subwoofer on board. The sounds are also accompanied by vibrations.

At around 190 euros, the exotic certainly ranks in the middle price segment.

Tip: the

X Rocker G-Force

is also available as a similar variant with a chair support.

Diablo X-Player 2.0: fed up with ergonomics

Of the

Diabolo X-Player 2.0

Although it is similar to the Snakebyte Gaming Seat EVO, it is slightly ahead in terms of ergonomics. The armrests are vertically adjustable and the backrest can be tilted up to 140 degrees. That should be more than enough for most gamers. In addition, fabric is used as a cover material instead of artificial leather. Although this is more prone to staining, it ensures better ventilation.

In addition to the normal version, this model is also available as a kid or king-sized version. These advantages of the model, which is available in nine colors, are also noticeable in the price. The Diablo X-Player 2.0 currently costs around 220 euros.

Noblechairs Hero: Premium gamers in their sights

The different references cover different genres.


The different references cover different genres.

© Amazon

Lots of luxurious looks and features – that

Hero model

of the manufacturer Noblechairs has a lot to offer. The chair’s ergonomics are particularly impressive at first glance. The actual lumbar support is integrated and adjustable directly in the chair. In addition, the backrest can be lowered up to 125 degrees and the armrests can be adjusted in four directions.

The cover material available is fabric and synthetic leather, as well as – for a surcharge – even real leather. These depict different topics: from Doom to Real Madrid. A basic structure made of aluminum also promises long-lasting stability. The cheapest model is available from around 430 euros.

Recaro Exo Gaming Chair – ergonomic throne for e-athletes

The Noblechairs Hero is not “premium” enough for you? Then you should take a look at the

Recaro Exo

throw. Gamers particularly praise the choice of materials and the ergonomics of the chair – especially the armrests. These can be adjusted as individually as hardly any other chair. In addition, the manufacturer invites you to take a seat with its comfortable multi-zone foam, which comes from the automotive sector. Together with the non-slip fabric and the neck shield, comfort should be raised to a new level. But try it yourself, as recommended below.

Just as exciting with the Recaro Exo Gaming Chair: The components of the chair come from Germany and the EU. The Recaro Exo Gaming Chair is produced in this country. All of this has its proud price – to be precise, currently around 770 euros.

Tips for Buying a Gaming Chair

Whether Diabolo or Age of Empires – when gamers dive into strange worlds, time is quickly forgotten. Your back will soon hurt with the wrong seat. But gaming chairs are more in demand than ever for ergonomic reasons. Above all, the look is a purchase argument for discerning gamers.

What is a gaming chair?

A gambler’s chair becomes a gambler’s chair primarily because of its design. The references of the models in particular play a central role here. As a rule, manufacturers choose synthetic leather or fabric. In addition to the visual aspects, the seating properties of the respective materials are also important. Fabrics are breathable and therefore cooling, but they also tend to get dirty more quickly and, depending on the manufacturer, can have a rather rough structure. Artificial leather, on the other hand, often has the problem of looking a bit cheap, especially with cheaper models.

What you should consider in terms of ergonomics

Even if most gaming chairs are real eye-catchers, they are primarily still a seat. As with office chairs, ergonomics and comfort are therefore central purchase criteria. Adjustable armrests and a flexible backrest are compulsory. However, these are often saved away by inexpensive manufacturers. If your body dimensions do not match the basic settings of the chair, this can quickly become a problem, especially during longer gaming sessions.

Note in advance: In this product category, the purchase decision is more individual than almost anywhere else, as it depends largely on the nature of your body. So you should definitely find out about the seat depth, width and height that you need before buying.

In the following we introduce you to four of the most popular gaming chairs. For the reasons described above, we strongly advise you to try it out. Make sure you also take into account the height of your table. Because some gaming chairs cannot be moved under the desk with their backrests!

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