Gaming & Entertainment: The PlayStation 5 offers these streaming apps

PlayStation 5: These streaming apps are on board at launch

Sony has broken down which streaming apps will be available for the console at the launch of the PlayStation 5. Apple TV + is also involved.

The latter is quite surprising, because the app for Apple TV was missing on the PlayStation 4. So Sony has landed a new partner. The rest of the streaming apps, however, turned out more as expected. It was to be expected, for example, that Amazon’s gaming platform Twitch would be part of the PlayStation 5.

Disney +, Netflix and Spotify are of course also known from the PS4 era. It would have been strange if these apps were suddenly missing on the PlayStation 5. However, Sony’s list is certainly not complete. Because there is a lack of important providers such as Amazon Prime Video but also the Sky Ticket or z. B. Joyn.

Here is a list of streaming apps available for launch on the PS5:

  • Apple TV +
  • Disney +
  • Netflix
  • Spotify
  • Twitch
  • YouTube

The PlayStation 5’s focus is on gaming

Sony is reassuring: Suitable apps for Amazon Prime Video and other streaming providers will of course also follow for the PlayStation 5. However, those applications will be available a little after the launch on November 19, 2020. The console is currently sold out anyway. New contingents are not expected until mid-December.

Also integrated in the PS5 is the function of transferring gameplay moments directly to a YouTube channel. You will find media entertainment on the PlayStation 5 in a separate area – on the home screen right next to the games sector. According to Sony, you no longer have to download entertainment apps from the PS Store within the media area – everything is now in one place. The PS5 console also has a new control center that makes it easier for you to control your music.

There is also a new media remote for the PlayStation 5 that you can use to control playback. It already contains dedicated buttons for Disney +, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube.


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