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Garden metamorphosis: from gray stamp garden to fresh lounge area

The couple has thought carefully about the garden to make something of it. Floortje: “Drawings have been made, but the garden is quite small. We simply couldn’t figure it out.”

Jerom: “In particular, we would like more greenery, it is a bit gray. Despite the fact that we know that it is a city garden, it would be nice if we had more shelter. And we would also like a nice place where we can chill out. with a lounge sofa or something similar. “

To the garden cleaning

Tom knows what to do with the limited number of square meters. In this way he divides the garden into several small terraces. Although the gardener will be introducing a lot of new things, he will reuse both the lounge sofa and the deck.

Cleaning coach Zamarra comes by for the big cleaning, so that the duo can enjoy their old trusted lounge sofa again.

Do you have garden items that could also use a cleaning? Zamarra has the tip: “It’s a matter of scrubbing clean with a green scale cleaner. Preferably an ecological one.”

Zamarra starts by sweeping the deck and lounge sofa. Just like you do indoors, you work from top to bottom, otherwise you keep going. Then fill a bucket with scale cleaner. Divide this over the furniture and then scrub thoroughly with a broom in the direction of the grain. If you don’t do this, the wood can break.

Making storage drawers

Because the couple has no shed and extra storage space is always desired, Tom makes handy storage drawers for under the lounge sofa. “Making drawers is actually not that difficult at all. All you have to do is use some planks that you cut to size to make the sides, a frame and a shelf for the bottom.”

Tom uses one of his favorite woods: sustainable douglas wood. This time he has opted for thicker wood (à 3 cm). Especially if the drawers are regularly pulled forward and pushed away, the construction must be sturdy enough.

If you want to make storage drawers of this kind yourself, gardener Tom has a tip: “Make sure you don’t use beams that are too thin. If the drawer does not have enough support, it can bend when it is full of things. would be a shame. I use 5×7 cm wood. And I use small wheels, so that I can grab more height for the drawer itself. “

Construction of a new terrace

To create several cozy corners in the garden, Tom has different types of surface in mind. For example, he uses large 60×60 cm tiles for one of the parts.

“The top layer is made of ceramic and the bottom is made of concrete. A very strong tile. Because the top layer is made of ceramic, the tile is colourfast, scratch-resistant and green deposits are less likely to form than on concrete tiles.”

You can buy the tiles that Tom uses here at terrace & trends.

To get the tiles to size, Tom uses a band saw. This is a kind of large grinder that you connect to the water to prevent dust formation.

The new tiles are in it, time to grout. Whether this adds anything? “Certainly, because the grout hardens, which means that no more weeds can grow through it. And despite the fact that it hardens, it is also permeable to water.

When grouting, make sure the tiles are clean and wet. After that, it’s just a matter of sweeping the mortar into the joints. “And wipe the excess grout off the tiles immediately. Because when it hardens, everything stays behind on the tiles. You don’t want this.”

Create privacy

Tom makes pretty deep planters. He doesn’t do this for nothing. He plants 2.5 meter high bamboo trees that will provide extra privacy. “To block the view of the neighbors, I place bamboo plants. This is a proliferating species. To prevent them from arguing with the neighbors, I first place root barriers. I put this around the hole and the bamboos come into it. And because bamboo does not get any deeper than 60 cm, it provides sufficient protection so that it does not proliferate.

At the two ends of the root limiter, make sure that they overlap and you attach them properly afterwards. Tom does this with two strips and bolts that he attaches to both sides.

Making planters

The planters will be slightly raised. Tom does this with so-called Schellevis concrete belts. “The special thing about these tires is that it has an open-air structure. This is because air is injected during the process, which creates bubbles. It looks old, aged. And the old-Dutch look is beautiful again with the sleek ceramic tiles. “

Green planting

Tom plants a pair of golden bamboos no less than 2.5 meters high. These high green bloomers provide privacy, for an intimate spot. With a (golden) bamboo always make sure – even if you have put down a root barrier – that no rebellious roots grow up along the barrier. If this happens, it is important that you cut it back as soon as possible. If you do not do this, the growth habit will still expand its territory at a rapid pace.

Tom also places olive willows, feather grasses, sedge and English grass, among other things.

Create walkthrough

To connect the various ‘mini terraces’, Tom places natural stones. “But before I do this, I first put honeycomb mats in it. This ensures that you can easily walk on them and that the natural stones remain in their place.” The fleece at the bottom prevents the stones from running into the ground and weeds don’t stand a chance. You can use a grinder or cutting pliers to cut the mat to size.

After two days of gardening in all weathers, the end result is there!


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