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Garden tips from Tom: protect your plants against frost!

Cover ground

The first and one of the best tips: cover your soil. You can do this with ground chips or with fallen leaves. Spread a thick layer of either (or both!) Throughout your garden. This is also a good mulch layer right away. This ensures that your soil becomes fertile and weeds are less likely to grow (high). Pruning waste is also functional to cover your soil during frost.

Extra warm jacket

During really cold days or longer periods of frost, you have to protect some plants extra. For example, a pepper or paprika plant is much more vulnerable than a cauliflower or kale. This is due to the sugars in the plants. Sugar water freezes at a low temperature and then the plant dies.

Therefore, wrap fragile plants with a fleece cloth. This is water permeable and very lightweight. Secure the cloth with, for example, pegs. In this way, the plant does not compress when it freezes, but it is protected.

Pay attention: Never cover your plants with plastic: it does not breathe and does not let air through, causing your plant to suffocate.

Temporary solution against cold

Is it just about hibernating for one night? Then you can also put a bucket over the plant. Do not forget to remove it the next day, otherwise your plant will still die.

In general, trees can withstand frost quite well. If the frost period is a bit longer, it is smart to wrap your tree with a burlap bag, which you then tie tightly to the trunk. There are also special plant bags. These are made of fleece cloth.

You can wrap the bottom of the tree with bubble wrap. That way his ‘feet’ also stay nice and warm. Cover the top of the pot with wood chips or leaves.

Are you buying a new tree? Then immediately put some bubble wrap on the inside of the pot. Then it is already protected and you do not have to pack it from the outside.


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