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Garden trends for 2021: lots of greenery and sustainability

Although the garden is still in full bloom now, it is never too early to look at green garden trends for next year. What will we see in gardens in 2021 and what should absolutely not be missing behind and in front of the house?

Many Dutch people are fond of gardening: on average we spend 1 to 4 hours a week on gardening, according to a recent study by the Garden Monitor 2020 by Wolf-Garten. We are actively working to make our garden more beautiful, mainly with relaxation and fun as the goal. A beautiful garden ensures a satisfied person. That is why it does not hurt to take a look at the garden trends for 2021. What do we see in return?

Sustainable garden with places for relaxation

One of the most important trends for your garden in the new year is the addition of sustainable elements. The garden is the place to relax for many people. During the day you can sit in the sun, while you enjoy a nice dinner or drink in the evening. With a view to sustainable developments in various industries, it is logical that the garden industry should also believe it. The green character of both shows that sustainability and gardening are a good match. That is why a garden in 2021 can no longer do without innovative applications and equipment.

Consider, for example, purchasing an electric barbecue or outdoor kitchen. Many people now still use a gas or coal barbecue. We also see more and more outdoor kitchens in Dutch gardens. Now is really the time to look at sustainable alternatives. The summer days and nights in our own country are getting warmer, so we spend more time outside in our own garden. Therefore choose sustainable cooking options, as well as sustainable lighting (LED), a rain barrel to collect water and green ways to generate electricity for electrical use in the garden.

Garden as an extension of the living room

Because the temperatures in the Netherlands are higher than a few years ago, people are making more use of their garden. For example, we see that more and more private individuals are opting for a garden as an extension of the living room. Think of it as a kind of kitchen, but in the open air. That means: lots of comfortable furniture, various facilities such as the aforementioned outdoor kitchen and luxury, green barbecues and opportunities to sit outside even in bad weather.

If you have the space to make a covering or have it made, that is absolutely recommended. Under a canopy you can create a second living room where you can sit in any season, even in winter with a heater or heating. To give it a sustainable and Scandinavian atmosphere, you can opt for a roof with grass. Grass roofs can be spotted a lot in Sweden and Iceland and fit perfectly with the modern garden.

A photo of wood, natural materials are among next year's garden trends
As a natural material, wood is one of next year’s garden trends. Photo: Dave Pilibosian

Lots of natural materials, various plants and attention to animals

Are you looking for a trendy lounge set, a beautiful table or a cupboard for the garden in 2021? In that case, go for a piece of furniture that is made of natural material. Materials such as bamboo and rattan have become an indispensable part of the interior this summer. Next year we will also see this type of furniture under the canopy. Combine bamboo and rattan with cushions made of natural materials and earthy colors for a beautiful combination. Bamboo can be used a lot in the garden anyway; it is the ideal material to use for a fence or as a “fence”.

Plant diversity is also one of the garden trends

Finally, it is good to know that what it is all about will be emphasized in 2021: plants. Many Dutch people have replaced the greenery in their garden with concrete and stone over the years. To lend a hand to the world and the environment, this is not recommended. Rather go for a garden full of diversity of plants, trees and shrubs where a wild effect is just a bonus. In 2021 we will see that chemical garden products will be replaced more often with green, organic products in order to save the lives of many insects and animals in your garden. In short: next year’s garden is all about going back to nature, including the use of natural materials and sustainable innovations. Everything with a view to a better future.

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Garden trends for 2021: lots of greenery and sustainability


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