Gary Anderson convincing group winner | RTL News

With a 6-2 victory over Nick Kenny, the evening started well for the Scot. Fellow favorite Luke Humphries also won his first game with an average of 100 6-2 (against Jamie Lewis). Lewis then managed to win 6-4 against Kenny and with that he kept a bit of hope for the victory.

One leg

That hope quickly diminished after Anderson won 6-1 against Humphries. The average of The Flying Scotsman (110) showed that the Scotsman had no intention of passing the victory in the pool. Because Humphries won his third game 6-1 against Nick Kenny, he still had a very small chance of reaching the next round. Gary Anderson may not win a leg in his last game against Jamie Lewis.

The hopes for Humphries soon faded, because Anderson immediately won the first leg against Lewis. In the end, the game ended in a 6-3 victory for the Scot, leading Anderson to three semifinals.


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