Gasoline and diesel are more expensive in Germany than in all of our EU neighbors – this is how you save money

In Germany, petrol and diesel cost more than in all neighboring EU countries. At least you’ll save some money that way.

According to the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), refueling in Germany is more expensive than in all other neighboring EU countries. Destatis determined the following fuel prices for September 5, 2022: On average, 1 liter of Super E5 cost 2.07 euros per day and drivers had to pay 2.16 euros for a liter of diesel. Only in Denmark and the Netherlands was 1 liter of Super E5 almost as expensive: in Denmark the price was 2.04 euros and in the Netherlands it was 2.01 euros. But diesel prices were also significantly lower in these two neighboring countries: “In Denmark, the country with the highest diesel prices among Germany’s EU neighbors, a liter of diesel cost 2.07 euros and thus 9 cents less than in Germany.” , according to Destatis. And in the Netherlands, diesel was also significantly cheaper at €2.05.


Google Maps now shows the route that will save you the most fuel

The prices for September 5, 2022 in many other neighboring countries of Germany should bring tears to the eyes of German drivers. Here is the compilation by Destatis:

  • Poland: E5 cost 1.38 euros, diesel 1.61 euros

  • Luxembourg: E5 cost 1.61 euros, diesel 1.83 euros

  • France: E5 cost 1.62 euros, diesel 1.78 euros

  • Czech Republic: E5 cost 1.64 euros, diesel 1.85 euros

  • Belgium: E5 cost 1.69 euros, diesel 2.02 euros

  • Austria: E5 cost 1.74 euros, diesel: 1.90 euros.

In mid-August 2022, petrol and diesel at German filling stations cost about as much as in most of Germany’s direct EU neighbors, as Destatis notes. But after the controversial tank discount (which applied from June 1) expired on August 31, 2022, the prices for both fuels rose significantly.

price development.


price development.

© Federal Statistical Office (Destatis)

For comparison: On February 21, 2022, i.e. shortly before Russia attacked Ukraine on March 24, 2022, a liter of E5 still cost 1.80 euros and a liter of diesel 1.66 euros. On May 30, 2022 (i.e. before the start of the tank discount), premium petrol E5 was only more expensive than in Germany at petrol stations in Denmark and the Netherlands, diesel was only more expensive in Denmark.

Germans pay more than all other EU citizens.


Germans pay more than all other EU citizens.

© Federal Statistical Office (Destatis)

Destatis is only vague about the reasons why fuel costs more in Germany than in all other EU countries: “There are many reasons for this different development. In addition to delivery bottlenecks, the lack of diesel imports from Russia as a result of the war in Ukraine Role-play.”

How to find the cheapest petrol station

Nowhere in Germany can you refuel really cheaply. But you can find the least expensive gas station with the appropriate apps and websites. We present them in this article: High fuel prices – how you can still refuel relatively cheaply. The prices in the apps and on the websites all come from the Federal Market Transparency Office for Fuels. You will also find fuel-saving advice in this article. The immensely popular 9-euro ticket, which is the easiest way to avoid the high prices for petrol and diesel, no longer exists.

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