Gates joins Trump: reopen schools despite Corona

According to Gates, the reopening of schools is essential.


School vacations in the United States last until the end of August. US President Donald Trump has already said that schools that have been closed since March should reopen in the fall despite the corona pandemic – and Microsoft founder Bill Gates is now also on the side of the US President, reports the news channel “Fox Business”.

According to Gates, a return to school is essential. According to him, “The benefits outweigh the costs,” which would mean reopening schools and taking appropriate hygiene measures, according to “Fox Business”. The prerequisite for this, of course, is that both children and teachers can be adequately protected, says Gates.

US President Trump warns that if the schools remain closed, their education will fall even further behind than they already are.

Gates is also concerned with the education of the students, which calls for massive commitment from school districts throughout the United States. The educational work had to help pupils from minorities and low-income families in particular. These were hit particularly hard by the Corona crisis.

Last week, the United States Department of Health published guidelines for school reopening. These include intensive cleaning of the classrooms, a mask requirement and the limitation of social interaction between students.

However, according to the “Fox Business”, there is still no agreement in the school districts: The Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, for example, calls for mixed classes from September – that is, that school groups are taught alternately at school and at home. In contrast, the school districts of Los Angeles and San Diego continue to plan online classes in the coming school year.


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