Geforce 512.59 WHQL: New Game Ready driver released

Nvidia has released a new version of the Geforce graphics card driver designed to improve ray tracing in games.

If you have installed a Geforce graphics card from Nvidia in your computer, you should look out for new driver versions at regular intervals. These often bring several optimizations that can improve the frame rate in certain games. Crashes and bugs are also fixed with the latest Game Ready drivers. Nvidia has now released the latest version of the game-ready driver, version 512.59 WHQL.

Better ray tracing “Chernobylite”

The new version of the Geforce driver should improve ray tracing. Specifically, the performance of the game “Chernobylite” was planned. Anyone who has secured the free upgrade to the Enhanced Edition of the game will be able to use ray tracing and tessellation techniques in the game in the future. The latest driver from Nvidia optimizes the ray tracing effects in “Chernobylite”. In the game, well-known locations and buildings in Chernobyl were recorded using laser scans and transferred to the game via Unreal Engine 4.

Fewer crashes in Premiere Pro

At the same time, Game Ready Driver 512.59 WHQL also improves support for PC games Dune: Spice Wars and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt. In addition, a timeout when using Google Chrome has been fixed on the Geforce RTX 3050. If you own one of the two gaming laptops MSI GT83VR 6RF/ GT83VR 7RF and GT83 Titan 8RG, you should also install the driver. Otherwise, the internal notebook monitor only shows a black screen. If you edit videos with Adobe Premiere Pro, you have to fear fewer crashes after updating the driver.

Download Game Ready Driver 512.59 WHQL for free from Nvidia

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