Geforce RTX 4000 is said to achieve up to 100 TFLOPS

The top model of the RTX 4000 series should achieve a performance of 100 TFLOPS and thus surpass the AMD GPUs.

Just yesterday we reported that the new RX 7000 series from AMD should clearly outperform the previous generation in terms of performance. According to the leaker Greymon55, the top model RX 7900 XT should achieve a performance of 92 TFLOPS. Approximate performance data for the Geforce RTX 4090 have now also been announced, which are therefore based on

100 TFLOPS should come
. Compared to a Geforce RTX 3090, this would be a performance increase by a factor of 2.8. This is made possible by a significant increase in shader units to 18,432. In return, however, the next smaller model, the Geforce RTX 4080, is likely to be well behind the flagship RTX 4090. It is assumed that this GPU should achieve roughly the performance of an RTX 3090.

How much does ray tracing performance increase?

Even if the winner of the coming generation of graphics cards could already be determined, at least in terms of raster performance, the question remains of how much AMD and Nvidia can increase in terms of ray tracing. In addition, Nvidia could also plan even faster models of its RTX 4000 cards. The AD102 chip used here could still be drilled out, for example in the form of a Ti model with even more shaders.

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Intel enters the ring

What is also certain is that this high level of performance will also have its price. In terms of power consumption alone, the top-of-the-line RTX 4090 model has a TGP of 600 watts. It will also be interesting to see how Intel’s entry into the graphics card business will turn out. However, Intel will probably first concentrate on entry-level and mid-range GPUs, leaving the field to AMD and Nvidia to some extent.

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