Geforce RTX 4000 will probably not come until September

The new RTX 4000 graphics cards from Nvidia are not expected to be available until September.

According to a report by Videocardz, Nvidia has had to postpone the release of the new RTX 4000 graphics cards by at least four weeks. As a result, the cards, codenamed “Ada Lovelace,” would not go on sale until September 2022 at the earliest. The flagship RTX 4090 should appear first. The Geforce RTX 4080 would then start in October. The cheaper RTX 4070 would only be available in November.

Difficult procurement of materials

The reason for the postponement are problems with the procurement of materials. In addition, the sale of the current Ampere graphics cards would just come to a standstill. It is quite possible that Nvidia will react here with price reductions for the RTX 3000 graphics cards. However, this would reduce the margins, which is certainly not in the interest of the manufacturer.

Beginner card comes later

It is also clear that the Geforce GTX 1630 will have to be postponed again. Corresponding messages were sent to the partners. The publication of the inexpensive entry-level ticket has been suspended indefinitely. Here, too, procurement problems with components are the reason.

Christmas GPU in danger?

Let’s hope that the release of the new RTX 4000 graphics cards from Nvidia will not be postponed again. Especially around Christmas, many gamers treat themselves to a new graphics card for their gaming PC. Nvidia could reject this plan with another postponement. The staggered release of each card from “expensive to cheap” also means that players have to think carefully about how much money they want to spend on a new GPU.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000: Everything about performance, price and release

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