Gelderland lends grid operator Alliander millions for sustainability

Alliander expects to invest 1.2 billion euros per year in the energy infrastructure in the coming years. This is necessary, because the electricity grid is reaching its limits due to the growing demand.

In more and more places in the Netherlands, the electricity network is full. New or expanding large-scale consumers, such as a school or a supermarket, can no longer simply be connected.

The return of green energy from solar and wind farms, for example, will also be a problem.

All shareholders

The company has asked all 76 shareholders to contribute pro rata to that expansion, in total it concerns about 600 million euros. Gelderland holds more than 44 percent of the shares, making it the largest shareholder.

According to deputy Jan Markink, the province wants to contribute to the energy transition. In addition, Alliander pays 2% interest on the loan amount. It is therefore more profitable than if the money remains in a bank account.

It is not yet known whether other shareholders will also contribute, they must respond before 1 December.

Billions needed

Researchers at PwC previously calculated that adjustments to the Dutch power grid require more than 100 billion euros in investments until 2050.

Because the network companies do not have enough equity capital for this, consumers and the government will have to lend at least 40 billion euros.

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