Gender Pay Gap: Women demand less salary when starting their careers

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Young top talents expect an average salary of 55,800 euros when they start their careers. But the difference between women and men is huge: while the best female students only charge 50,300 euros, their male fellow students charge 61,800 euros – 11,500 euros or around 23 percent more. This is shown by the “Most Wanted” survey conducted by management consultancy McKinsey.

For comparison: The overall gender pay gap in Germany is officially 20 percent – across all industries and has remained almost unchanged since 2002. If the public service is excluded, it is even 22 percent. “The survey shows that despite the long-term discussion about the gender pay gap, the top female students still have low salary expectations,” said Julia Klier, McKinsey partner and junior professor at the University of Regensburg, commenting on the result.

For a higher salary, men would work 46.5 hours a week

For the study, around 6,500 people who had received a grant from the career network were interviewed. Among the participants were students, graduates and young professionals who are among the best in their year. According to this, lawyers in particular have particularly high salary demands – they are on average 54 percent higher than those of graduates from other fields.

For a higher salary, men would work 46.5 hours a week and women 43 hours. Compared to last year’s survey, men want to work an average of 1.5 hours less, women one hour. An attractive salary, however, only ranks eighth among the wishes for employers. Most important to the respondents were challenging tasks, followed by a good reputation for the company and good opportunities for employees in the job market. Acting responsibly towards society and the environment was even more important to the sixth place participants than the salary – at least on paper.



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