Genesis G70 Shooting Brake: station wagon, test, engine, price

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We approach the matter from behind, open the series electric swinging tailgate. A space saver is the Shooting Brake not. The noble German station wagons can be a little more inviting. In addition, the trapezoidal cutout of the tailgate is not a case for upscale transport jobs, Washing machine and co. Have to stay outside. But at least: If the rear seat is folded down, a level, slightly rising loading floor is created. And the optimal division ratio of the backrest (40:20:40) is just as standard as the remote unlocking. Even the preparation for a trailer hitch does not cost anything extra. The soon-to-be-available hook for up to 1.5 tons, on the other hand, does.

Genesis G70 Shooting Brake 2.2D

Appearances are deceptive: Despite the coupé-like sloping roof line, you are well accommodated in row two up to 1.85 meters in size.

The station wagon also offers a lot of space in the back

Before we get behind the wheel, we quickly jump into the back seat. the coupe-like line would have suggested that the center parting was pinched. But at 1.85 meters you are still sitting relaxed. The knees don’t have much space in front of the front seat, but they still have a bit of space. It gets a little tight for the feet, which are just slipping under the front seat. From the driver’s seat, we first admire the fine interior: with multiple settings Front seats (heated and ventilated), tastefully decorated dashboard and the 12.5 in large central display one thing is certain: the G70 is impressive in the premium segment. Our test car comes in the highest equipment line, Sport Line, which costs 4210 euros surcharge on the already extensively equipped base line Premium. But there is a lot on top, including quilted leather, an adjustable chassis, one Brembo braking system, a limited slip differential and 19 inch rims.

Genesis G70 Shooting Brake 2.2D

Driving dynamics: In the sportiest mode, the electronics let the rear off the leash a little and allow power oversteer.

Sounds sporty, but while driving the G70 Shooting Brake proves to be an advocate of the balanced line. The station wagon is never uncomfortably tightas long as the driving modes Comfort or Eco (enables sailing in idle) are selected. A C-Class filters out short waves more skilfully, but the Korea station wagon springs confidently.

There is enough steam in the engine for tail swings

In sport mode, the G70 noticeably reduces the body roll when cornering, now that kicks in sporty face of the Shooting Brake revealed. That also promotes the high-torque dieselthat is not afraid of even higher speeds. We noticed a slight weakness just when starting up. After that, the engine shines with even power delivery and good insulation. the 200 hp diesel engine should find many friends. There is even a little more sporty: In Sport Plus, the ESP lets the rear off the leash a little, and when it comes to power in curves, it takes care of it Rear wheel drive for little butt wobbles – we like it! Same goes for that Eight-speed automatic, an in-house development by the Koreans. A lot of fine-tuning has gone into the circuit. And also at the steering there is nothing to complain about. She works purposefully and pleasantly directly, never goes to work in an overambitious way.

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Extremely ambitious on the other hand: five year guarantee including free maintenance and a free personal assistant who always picks up the car for servicing. The Koreans also know what is good. (Calculate maintenance costs? To the car insurance comparison)

Technical data Genesis G70 Shooting Brake 2.2DEngine: four-cylinder, turbo, longitudinally at the front • Displacement: 2199 cm³ • Power: 147 kW (200 PS) at 3800 / min • Max. Torque: 440 Nm at 1750 / min • Drive: rear-wheel drive, eight-speed automatic • Length / width / height: 4685/1850/1400 mm • Empty weight: 1810 kg • Luggage compartment: 465-1535 l • 0-100 km / h: 7.7 s • Vmax: 225 km / h • Consumption: 6.8 l / 100 km (diesel) • CO2 emissions: 177 g / km • Price from 42,700 euros.

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Genesis G70 Shooting Brake

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