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George Clooney gave Julia Roberts $ 20 to play in ‘Ocean’s 11’

The films about Danny Ocean and his companions are now legendary. This is partly due to an impressive star cast. One of them is Julia Roberts, and lead actor George Clooney has asked her in a very special way to be a part of Ocean’s 11.

Ocean’s 11 is now almost twenty years old. But that’s not to say the first of a series of movies about master criminal Danny Ocean (George Clooney) has already been forgotten. On the contrary. The actors had a good relationship during the filming of the films, and it is still there. George Clooney told this during an interview with GQ.

Star cast

In that interview, the actor talks about his most famous roles, including that of Danny Ocean. Clooney says that all the actors in the film were a close-knit group, and that no one tried to come to the fore. In addition to Clooney, the trilogy also features Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle and Julia Roberts.

George Clooney told a funny anecdote about the latter. “I remember Julia. I didn’t know her, never met her. And then she made about 20 million dollars (about 17 million euros, ed.) per movie. We had just persuaded Brad Pitt to participate, and Matt Damon, and we wanted Julia Roberts too. ”

“So I taped a $ 20 bill onto a script and sent it to her. And I said, “I heard you make 20 a movie now.” She was great to work with, and we are good friends now, “Clooney added.

Julia Roberts in the Ocean’smovies

In the first film of the series, Julia Roberts plays Danny Ocean’s soon-to-be ex-wife, Tess. Tired of criminal activity, she moved to Las Vegas, where she began a relationship with Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia). He owned a casino chain that Ocean and his gang wanted to raid.

Of course, Ocean’s mission was not just to raid the casinos. Nope, he also wanted to regain the love of his life. And that’s done, because in the second movie Ocean’s 12 Julia Roberts can be seen again. And her character Tess even pretends to be Julia Roberts to help the gang in their next heist.


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